NEWater Vistor Centre Visit

I made a trip to Singapore’s NEWater Visitor Centre at Koh Seh Lim Road, near Bedok cum Expo area. I did not know there is shuttle bus from Tanah Merah MRT station to NEWater Visitor Centre and walked all the way from Bedok area to the NEWater visitor centre by foot. As that was my 1st visit to NEWater Visitor Centre.

The distance is very long (longer than the Sentosa boardwalk). So it will be better to take a shuttle bus to there than walking all the way from expo to the Visitor Centre.

NEWater Visitor Centre is open from Tues to Sun, from 9am to 5.30pm with 5 guided tour time slots (9am, 10.45am, 12.30pm, 2.15pm and 4pm). Admission is free and last admission time will be at 4pm.


Can you see the path towards the NEWater Visitor Centre? Quite long right?

NEWater Visitor Centre is a beautiful place to visit. Beautiful pond surrounding the place.

Quite nice right? This place is near the cafe in NEWater Visitor Centre.


This is one of the photos taken inside the NEWater Visitor Centre.

Of course my main aim of visiting NEWater Visitor Centre is to learn more about what is NEWater and how they make NEWater and why there is a need for more water. Singapore is a small nation with about 5million people living on the island. The population in Singapore is increasing, however, the water supply in Singapore cannot increase so much even if the population is increasing. Singapore has limited amount of land too.

Water is used for cooling the machines, aircons, washing, showering, cooking, drinking. Without water, we may not survive for long.


In order to solve the water shortage problem, Singapore had to source out some solutions to get more fresh water. Even if buying water from Malaysia, also does not solve the main problem as we must know that Malaysia also has limited water and Singapore has contact with Malaysia only for the limited time.

Singapore now has 17 reservoirs. But the 17 reservoirs can only store limited amount of water in Singapore.With the increasing number of population, it is still not enough to supply for the needs.

Desalination is also part of the solution but the process of removing the salts from the sea water is too expensive. People will not want to buy it. If not the cost of living will be more costly.


We cannot say much on using rainwater as our water supply. Because weather is so unpredictable. Sometimes, places do not have rain for quite awhile. Sometimes, rainwater will go into the drains. So we have to recycle the drain water and groundwater and process the water by ultrafiltration, reserve-osmosis and UV as well as pH level of the water must be around the right one to create NEWater to solve part of the water shortage problems.

I do learn quite a lot of things from NEWater Visitor Centre and it is a very good place to visit and learn more about the importance of water.


Here are some of the exhibits inside the NEWater Visitor Centre.

the 10litre challenge bottle.

Interactive displays which will allow people of all ages to take part in.

More interactive corner to know which part of Singapore has reservoirs. There are also some videos for the visitors to watch as well as a visit to the NEwater factory. Here’s some of the photos near the factory.

Can view videos from these to see the process of making NEWater.

Display set of the ultrafiltration inside the glass display box.


As well as … A  bottle of NEwater for every visitor to NEWater Visitor Centre. It is drinkable, so not need to worry.


For more details, you can visit If you are planning to visit NEWater Visitor Centre, you can go to this website at and  make an online booking or call up this hotline 6546 7874 / 6593 1533. Do note they are limited slots per timing.

So do not anyhow waste water as WATER IS PRECIOUS!!!!!! Every drop counts. Conserve it.

That’s the folks.



2 thoughts on “NEWater Vistor Centre Visit

  1. Hi, I am an university student from University Malaysia Terengganu. We would like to visit NEWater Vistor Centre on 15 February 2012. There are total 69 students and 4 lecturers. Any procedures we need to do before going to visit NEWater Vistor Centre?

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