Family Day Out @ Singapore Biennale 2011

So Happy that there’s Singapore Biennale 2011 family day out for some certain days during Singapore Biennale 2011. I thought of visiting some of these places during this period. Furthermore, I live quite near Old Kallang Airport and will most probably visit there 1day soon. =)

Singapore Biennale 2011 Family Day Out
Every Sun, 3 Apr – 15 May;
Public Holidays – Fri, 22 Apr, 1 & 2 May (Sun and Mon)
10am – 7pm

Venues : Singapore Art Museum & SAM at 8Q, National Museum of Singapore, Old Kallang Airport, Marina Bay (The Merlion Hotel)

Free admission for all on family day Out days!!!!


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Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011 coming soon!!!

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011 is coming soon on 2 April 2011. Omy is proud to be the 1 of the organisers of this event. Some of the local and overseas artistes (shown on the pic above) will be attending this event as well as performing as well as special video of S.H.E 10th anniversary will be shown.

For more information on omy and its latest contests as well as events and updates, please join today or visit

e Award Celebration Concert 2011

Venue:Spore Indoor Stadium
Date: 2 April 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm
Ticket Price:$128 (limited stage front standing & seated tickets)、$88、$68、$38 (fee subject to GST & Sistic charges)
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Closing date: 3 April 2011, midnight.

Draw date: 18 April 2011. Winner will be notified.

Remember to keep your SISTIC ticket stub in case you’re the lucky winner of $500 cash prize!

For more information on Singapore Entertainment Awards, nominees of the various catergories as well as the results of the categories, please visit official Singapore Entertainment Awards website –

Singapore Entertainment Awards also has its own facebook group page. Feel free to visit!/group.php?gid=44207522850 for more updates.


I voted for some of the artistes and categories very often during the voting period. Especially for S.H.E. (Selina, Hebe, Ella) from the most popular group, to music video, the magazine cover, OCBC Titanium Star of the Year, Hebe for female singer and LOVE song on FM100.3, Selina for the sad news which broke my heart.  I always like to listen to their songs very much.

I remembered the 1st time I saw them in Singapore was during the 35th anniversary of PAYM concert at Singapore Expo and Hebe just cut her long tresses away then. Took quite a lot of photos then. Here’s one of the photos.

But even since the incident which ruin Selina’s life, it makes me so sad and I really looking forward for her to come back to reunite with Hebe and Ella to perform great songs. So Selina’s really a SHERO. It is not easy as she had to bear some much pain from her burns and skin grafting operations.

I am looking forward for Ella coming to Singapore as well as enjoy performance by local singers such as Kit Chan, Tay Kewei and Jing Wong – Huang Jinglun, Serene Koong and Derrick Hoh Wei Jian. Ella will be bringing her junior, Sigma to SGE awards. Other Overseas artistes includes – Alien Huang, Se7en (Korean Singer), Anthony Neely, Lollipop F and other stars that is shown on the poster above will be coming as well.

Besides that, I love to read entertainment magazines to read up on updates of the HK stars, Taiwan stars and watch Television for TV dramas such as Autumn Concerto and Hong Kong Dramas.

I love to listen to songs as well. chinese pop songs on radio stations.

So happy that the S.H.E’s 10th anniversary video will be shown during the awards. I remembered I watched the S.H.E’s 5th anniversary video during the PAYM concert. It will be very meaning if I get a chance to attend this event.

I will end off with this post with S.H.E’s SHERO. Even if one of the S.H.E members come to Singapore alone, the S.H.E. Spirit always together in their minds regardless of where they are. Just like Hebe attending the 93.3FM music awards on her own. I wish Selina will get recover soon.

What’s your favorite number and why?

What is my favourite number? Haha. It’s the number 5.

Why is the number 5? I do not know why. I studied in the 5th class name in my primary school for 6years. My school class names arrange in alphabetical order. Amethyst, Burgundy, Cerise, Emerald, Jonquil, Mocha, Tangerine, Turquoise. I was from Jonquil. Thus was the 5th class.

Furthermore, in sec school my class was 1/5 and 2/5 when I was in sec 1&2. It has the number 5 too.

My identification card number also have the number 5 although I am not born in the year which ends with 5.

My house block also have the number 5. So as the postal code of my block.

The digits for the month and the date added up together is 5 too. 1+0+3+1=5.

When I was walking to school, there’s a bus 55 near my school bus stop.

There is bus 135 passing through my neighborhood. bus 15 is added to my area when I was in primary school. There is also bus 155 reaching quite a distance away from my secondary school. I did took quite a lot of buses which has the number 5  too. Thus I cant live without 5.

Sudoku puzzles also requires me to fill up the numbers which include 5.

So I will see 5 daily for sure. Thus I like this number very much in life.

To end off this post, let give each other a hi-5.

Go Red for Women Picnic Day at Sengkang

This is my 1st time attending Go Red for Womens event for this picnic day today afternoon at Sengkang Kite Field. But this is not my 1st time coming for Singapore Heart Foundation event as I attended  their heart day events at different parts of Singapore. I was wearing red t-shirt for this event. =)

What is Go Red for Women? It is about women or females. A campaign to promote cardiovascular health to women as many people had misconception that only men will have cardiovascular disease, which is not true. For more information, please visit and

I lost my way as I went to the wrong road but I still remembered the prominent landmarks near the area which is Anchorvale CC and the Hockey stadium. While on the way to the venue, I saw some interesting banners along the way. That Red dress is the logo for Go Red for Women. I remembered I did donated $2 to buy this badge a few years ago.

There was quite a lot of exciting activities there. People can picnic, do kite-flying (includes 1 of the largest kites to be flown in Singapore), enjoy great music by The Next Movement and King Kong Jane, Lucky draw, free health screening (Blood Pressure check, height, weight and fat analysis only), do some Stretchfitt exercise as well as redeem goodie bag for female registrants.

Got my goodie bag too. The goodie bag consists of picnic mat, kite, some healthy food products such as cereal, noodle and milk powder, and some other items, SHF newsletter as well as my favourite magazine – Cleo. Haha. =)Accidentally took it together with my home umbrella (it was raining while on my way to Anchorvale).

The event was graced by one of the MPs, Ms Penny Low and she gave such an inspiration speech. I personally felt that women should take charge of their health when they are still young and we have to be aware of that. Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer for women.

Of course, I enjoyed the Stretchfit exercise segment (by the Amore Fitness) the most as I could see the instructors doing the exercise while following them on how to do those stretches although i did some of the steps wrongly. Stretchfit is a type of exercise that incoporate yoga moves with stretches. It was a great workout as it helps to stretch some of my body muscles. Exercise is good for health and make people feel more relax and happy!

I also did my health screening too since I was there. As well as enjoying the great songs sung.

As a woman, I would start we better start to be aware of what we eat and our lifestyle. Women have a higher chance of developing heart disease when they reach menopause stage than men. Isn’t scary?

What are cardiovascular diseases? It can be heart problems such as heart failure, coronary arteries blockage which may cause heart attacks. High blood pressure is also not good for our body as it will cause some problems too as well as stroke.

So hope you all regardless of your gender, and start making the right choice to prevent health problems from occuring. As what everybody knows, prevention is better than cure. For me, I have my Blood pressure checked at least 1x yearly. No harm doing that.

I better start watching my diet as well as do exercises to keep myself fit. That’s all folks.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate and vanilla can refer to many things. Chocolate bar, chocolate pieces, chocolate chips, chocolate milk shake, chocolate flavour items, chocolate cake, hot chocolate, glutinous rice balls with chocolate, fudge, chocolate dipped fruits, ice cream flavours of both, cookies, vanilla scent.

Both comes from plants. Chocolate comes from cocoa while vanilla comes from orchids (because i had visited Singapore Garden Festival Orchid fair and saw the trivia on that). Both taste great.

Of course, I love both of them for food flavouring except chocolate flavoured ice-cream as it does not taste good for chocolate. When vanilla ice cream is eaten, it smells great but have very little of the taste.

But it is good to when there is chocolate fudge with vanilla ice-cream and both taste great.

Sometimes, vanilla ice-cream is mixed with chocolate chips and it tasted great as well.

So in terms of ice-cream for both, I think it’s good to have both flavours (vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge/chips). but not chocolate or vanilla alone.

But in terms of cakes and other food, I think chocolate will be better as it makes me happy and there are more chocolate related products than vanilla.

How about you?

Cozycot International Women’s Day Celebration at OC

This is my 1st time attending CozyCot International Women’s Day Celebration at Orchard Central. This event is held over 2 days, 12-13 March 2011. I only went on the 1st day of the event as I was not free on sunday.

International Women’s Day is on 8 March and it is to celebrate women’s hardwork and effort towards the society. Being a woman is not easy as some women have to take care of their own children and their own family. Some of them have to work to support their family as well.

Of course, being a woman, I do enjoy the workshops and events organised by Cozycot. Famous singer sings nice and great songs, beauty workshop, interactive games. Isn’t it great?

Here’s some of the photos that I had taken during the event as well as performance by Jones Ong 翁骏维 also and known as his Chinese Artiste name 石康钧, a recording artiste and songwriter and designing talents on Day 1 of the International Woman’s Day event. I liked his songs so much when I 1st heard him singing. Too bad I did not have the time to see Wu Jiahui singing his One Person One Half song.

Hope you all enjoy the photos. =)

Here’s one of the songs sung by Jones Ong that I like it very much (I got it from Youtube for his MV) Imperfect Perfection. For more information on Jones Ong and his updates, you can visit

That’s all folks.