I feel most Singaporean when…

I feel most Singaporean when all of us are celebrating National Day and YOG at around the same time. 5stars with a crescent on red top and white bottom =Singapore. The atmosphere, the celebrations bonded all of us today, regardless of race, language or religion.

It was the eve of National Day and some of the people from the neighbourhood gathered together at the community centre, getting ready to watch the TORCH RELAY at my area. It was hot and sweaty under the sun but everyone was so excited then.
Why am I holding the YOG torch?
It was the once-in-the-lifetime experience to witness such an event then. We do not know when Youth Olympics Games will come back to Singapore. Maybe many many many years after, I guess. Because Singapore is the host of the inaugaral Youth Olympics games.


As a Singaporean, of course, I am pretty proud of Singapore being a host of 1st Youth Olympics Games. As not many nations will get a chance to host such events. As well as Singapore’s 2mascots – Lyo and Merly will not be forgotten.

lyo and merly

Lyo and Merly

National Day was a great celebration in Singapore. Most people gathered in their red and/or white shirt to attend the National day events near their homes or at the National Day parade venue. Singing the national day songs as well as watch the wonderful performances by the performance, waving the Singapore flags make people feel proud of Singapore’s achievements and the nation itself.

Besides National Day and Youth Olympics games, Singapore is a nation with different cultures from all over the places, which blended beautifully in Singapore. Felt happy about Singapore.

There’s little Thailand at Beach Road, little Philippines in Lucky Plaza at Orchard Area, little Myammar at the Peninsular Plaza, little India at the Serangoon road area, Chinatown, Kampong Glam, Geylang Serai, some places which is filled with rich Peranakan culture at Katong, Emerald Hill, Neil Road area and so on. As well as cultures from different Chinese dialect groups in Singapore such as Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew, Hainan, Hakka and other minorities Chinese dialect groups.

We also can get to try many types of food in Singapore without going to other countries very easily at the restaurants as well as buying ingredients to make them. Such Japanese Sushi, Korean Ginseng Chicken, Swiss Cheese, French loaf, German sausages and so on.

We also can get to try out delicious Singapore food as such Hainanese Chicken rice, fried carrot cake, fried kway tiao, roti prata, roti john, nasi lemak, nasi bryani, hor fun, malay kueh from the hawker centres as well very conveniently.

Beside that, we should be proud of Singapore public transportation system as we do not need to wait for at least 30minutes for most of the public buses (average 10-15minutes) and less than 10mins for each MRT ride. Unlike other countries which you may have to wait for about 20-30minues or more for the public buses. Don’t you think so?

What about you?


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