“The Power of Lyrics in Songs”

Hi Readers, sorry for my late post on this event. I won a pair of free invites from Radio 100.3FM to attend this event “The Power of Lyrics in Songs” <歌词在歌曲中的神奇力量> at NTU alumni house, level 3 Auditorium on 25 Feb 2011, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

This event was organised by Confucius Institute at NTU and  新加坡词曲版 权协会. It was hosted by Jiu Jian 玖健, ex-DJ and singer and now a music producer, and the special speakers were Dr Liang Wern Fook 梁文福, the man who started Xinyao in Singapore and Cheng Lee 李志清, the Malaysian music writer cum producer (the man who wrote songs such as Derrick Hoh’s Bian Hua 變化 and Ah-Du’s Ta Yi Ding Hen Ai Ni 她一定很爱你).

I was happy that I had a chance to meet them as well as to know about how lyrics can make the song good or bad as well as listen to some of the song written by the students from Confucius Institute. It was great.

It was quite an interesting talk as I got to hear some melodies such as “Are you sleeping?” or know as 2 tigers (Liang Zhi Lao Hu) as well as words also can have some impact on advertisements like Scott’s cod liver oil commericial that people will remember it very well through nice melody and great lyrics.

To me songs such as Fernleaf’s commericial (Shi Shang Zhi You Ma Ma Hao世上只有妈妈好 and malay version called Lagu Ibu -I used to watch malaysia’s TV1) had some impact in my mind that I could still remember well. As well as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Alphabet song has the same melody yet different lyrics.


Dr Liang mentioned how difficult the song writing process is as some writers can write 20 or more variations of the lyrics with the same melody. For example JJ Lin Jun Jie’s One Thousand Years After (Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou).

From what I know, I did heard different version of JJ Lin’s Mu Nai Yi song on the Chinese Drama, Yi Cha Yang Cuo as well as Liu Liyang’s Present, Li Wu on the Singapore Chinese Drama Shuang Zi Xing.

As what I know some music writers would write out melody 1st and then write lyrics later, while some write out lyrics 1st and then write the melody later. Some only write lyrics like Vincent Fang Wen Shan, while some only write melodies. Furthermore, Singapore is short of people who can write good lyrics.

With right and powerful lyrics, it can help to make a song more powerful and more people will remember this song after a period of time, just like Ah Du’s 她一定很爱你 song and some of Jay chou’s song such as Faraway (Qian Li Zhi Wai) and people can understand the meaning of the song even better with good lyrics and suitable melody.

I would say that it is not easy to write lyrics as people need to put the right words (chinese is really a very difficult language and my chinese is not strong) so that people will not misunderstand the meaning of the song. It is easily to write out the melody than lyrics as what I think.

I am quite interested to join this course of lyrics writing as it is interesting. But i need to improve my Chinese 1st. So I am intending to take up the course when I have the time and enough money in the future to learn how to write good and power lyrics for chinese pop songs.

Anyway, Confucius Institute @ NTU will be organising lyrics writing courses (basic and advanced courses). Students needed to complete the basic course before proceeding to advanced course. For more details, please visit www.ci-ntu.com


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