How long was the longest time I have not sleep?

It’s 36 hours as I was rushing to do my programming assignment for submission. That day I had to do many things yet I spent hours to do programming assignment.

After that I needed to attend my cousin’s wedding and then rushed home to do my assignment which was to be due in quite a period of them.

I did not have a wink while doing the programming assignment at night as i was supposed to sleep till 7am and had to report to work the next day.

I thought of taking leave that day but I was not able to take leave as 1 staff was on hospitalisation leave and some other staff took leave as well as I had to work as usual.

But luckily I was not out-stationed and was at one location. If not I would have fainted and hospitalised during work.

It was so unbearable and I won’t dare to try that again. I think it is better to plan my schedule to do the programming assignment in advance as programming is not easy to do so.

Need to repeat running the programme over and over and alter the codes to achieve the right solution but programming the right solution that take minutes to hours to solve the problem as I was not strong in the programming skills.

How about you?


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