Movie: Mars Needs Moms

Mars Need Mums

Thank you for letting me winning a pair of movie passes to watch Disney’s MARS NEEDS MOMS in 3D at the Cathay on 7 March 2011. I went there with my sister as my mom’s english is not good. I have not watch a movie with my sister quite awhile due to our busy schedules.

This film was produced by Disney and ImageMovers Digital (which was defunct since 2011 Jan but will be revamp into another company in 2012) and the producer of Polar Express. Don’t you think the images look great when you 1st see the poster? Some of the characters look like a real person. Especially Gribble. Just like Polar Express.

This movie has a few main characters such as Milo and his mother. Gribbles, Ki and the evil female martian. Milo is the main character of the story. He and his mom got into an argument over broccoli and Milo said that he doesn’t want his mom anymore out of spit.

During the midst of the story, his mum is being abducted by a group of martians and while trying to get help to save his mum, he met a human, Gribble as well as a female Martian, Ki (who can converse in English) and they worked together as a team to save his mum.

Why Mars really need moms? Because it is partly due to the Evil female Martians’ plan to get a human mom as her program for the Nanny Bots to train the female martian hatchlings to obey the Nanny Bots. Thus Milo’s mom’s one of the moms who is captured to be the MOM as the program.

Do you wish to find out the process of how Milo manages to save his mom? So do catch the movies at the nearest cinemas, k? Here’s a trailer of the movie below.

If you catch MARS NEEDS MOMS in the cinemas, toward the end of the movies, you get to see part of the productions of how the film was produced. It was great as most of the actors put in a lot of effort to act out the scenes and incorporated into animation. Looks real and great.

I will give 4out of 5 stars. Do catch it and appreciate Moms.


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