Cozycot International Women’s Day Celebration at OC

This is my 1st time attending CozyCot International Women’s Day Celebration at Orchard Central. This event is held over 2 days, 12-13 March 2011. I only went on the 1st day of the event as I was not free on sunday.

International Women’s Day is on 8 March and it is to celebrate women’s hardwork and effort towards the society. Being a woman is not easy as some women have to take care of their own children and their own family. Some of them have to work to support their family as well.

Of course, being a woman, I do enjoy the workshops and events organised by Cozycot. Famous singer sings nice and great songs, beauty workshop, interactive games. Isn’t it great?

Here’s some of the photos that I had taken during the event as well as performance by Jones Ong 翁骏维 also and known as his Chinese Artiste name 石康钧, a recording artiste and songwriter and designing talents on Day 1 of the International Woman’s Day event. I liked his songs so much when I 1st heard him singing. Too bad I did not have the time to see Wu Jiahui singing his One Person One Half song.

Hope you all enjoy the photos. =)

Here’s one of the songs sung by Jones Ong that I like it very much (I got it from Youtube for his MV) Imperfect Perfection. For more information on Jones Ong and his updates, you can visit

That’s all folks.


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