Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate and vanilla can refer to many things. Chocolate bar, chocolate pieces, chocolate chips, chocolate milk shake, chocolate flavour items, chocolate cake, hot chocolate, glutinous rice balls with chocolate, fudge, chocolate dipped fruits, ice cream flavours of both, cookies, vanilla scent.

Both comes from plants. Chocolate comes from cocoa while vanilla comes from orchids (because i had visited Singapore Garden Festival Orchid fair and saw the trivia on that). Both taste great.

Of course, I love both of them for food flavouring except chocolate flavoured ice-cream as it does not taste good for chocolate. When vanilla ice cream is eaten, it smells great but have very little of the taste.

But it is good to when there is chocolate fudge with vanilla ice-cream and both taste great.

Sometimes, vanilla ice-cream is mixed with chocolate chips and it tasted great as well.

So in terms of ice-cream for both, I think it’s good to have both flavours (vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge/chips). but not chocolate or vanilla alone.

But in terms of cakes and other food, I think chocolate will be better as it makes me happy and there are more chocolate related products than vanilla.

How about you?


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