Describe your first encounter with a celebrity

In our lives, we may or not get a chance to encounter with a celebrity.

Of course, I rarely have a chance to get upclose with the celebrity face to face.

i did saw celebrities such as kaira gong, Joscelyn Yeo (Swimmer), S.H.E, Hady Mirza, DJ Chua Wei Ping, Jeanette Aw, Dai Yang Tian, Kelly Poon, 715, Joanne Peh, Li Yinzhu, Cynthia Koh, Sharon Au, Ho Yeow Sun, Ah-Du, Darren Lim, Evelyn Tan, Eelyn Kok, Andie Chen, Chen Shucheng, Pan Lingling, Nat Ho, Ng Hui, Guo Liang, DJ Lin Lingzhi, Dj Anna Lim, HK Linda Chung and Robert Zhang aka Zzen Zhang and UK Queen Elizabeth live in front of my eyes.

I remembered I saw Queen Elizabeth in 2006 at National Library area.

Of course, my 1st encounter with a celebrity face-to-face was Hady Mirza as I was asked to take a photo for a group of people. He’s friendly to talk to and sings great songs. Thus, he is indeed a winner of Singapore Idol. haha.

I hope to see celebrity like Prince William and his wife Kate as well as Angelina Jolie if I have a chance to have some encounter with them.


Get your sexy back – Spread the cheer challenge

Thank you Get Your Sexy Back, Asia Pacific Brewery (Singapore) and for the invitation to the event on 25 March 2011.

This is my 1st visit to Asia Pacific Brewery (Singapore) as I have never visit it before.

I thought the place is quite near to Jurong Bird Park, but it is nearer to Tuas Checkpoint.

Of course, I invited my friend, Lina to attend the event with me at Asia Pacific Brewery.

We were so happy to visit Asia Pacific Brewery. =)

So what is Get Your Sexy Back campaign about? “Get Your Sexy Back” (GYSB) is a youth-led anti-binge drinking initiative that aims to promote responsible drinking behaviour, by raising the social currency of moderation. More and more young people started to drink alcoholic drink before the age of 21.

As you can see from the picture above, it is about Moderation in Drinking (for alcoholic drinks). As you know, IT IS NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU DRINK, BUT IT’S ABOUT HOW YOU DRINK.

So what is alcohol that people are drinking? It’s Ethanol, the only alcohol that is drinkable.

Alcohol only can be broken down in liver. We only have 1 liver and it will take quite awhile for the liver to break down the alcohol (for detox process).

What is bringe drinking?

Binge drinking is the modern epithet for drinking alcoholic beverage  with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated by heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time.

There are different standards on how much drinks considered as binge drinking for men and women all over the world. It varies from all over the world.

For example US:

-Men: 5 or more standards drinks considered as overlimit

-Women: 4 or more standard drinks considered as overlimit

Another countries will have different standard limits. But women tend to get drunk more easily than men if both take the same amount of alcohol within the same amount of time.

For more details of binge drinking, please visit! It provides great information on how alcohol affects our body if we do not drink alcoholic drinks in moderation.


Want to experience how the drunk people’s vision? Try to wear the fog goggles. Haha. Some of the bloggers and my friend tried out the fog goggles during the GSYB party event.

Some bloggers were trying out the fogging googles

I did wore some thick fogged lenses while I was attending a workshop at Health Promotion board. While wearing that type of lenses, I could not see straight. I felt giddy after removing that fogged lenses. This is to make people to feel and get to understand how drunkard walked like after drinking . Drunkards do not walk straight.

Of course, as a Youth Advocate for Health (YAH.SG), I would like to share some information about alcohol and binge drinking as well as encouraging all my readers on the latest game contest on the CHEERS CHALLENGE which is a very informative game.

By playing the CHEERS CHALLENGE, you can stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as Cameras (weekly) and Ipads (Monthly) and the grand prize – a vacation  for the top players in the region.

So how can people take part in this CHEERS CHALLENGE?

1st log in to your facebook account and you can click on this link to get into this page(shown below): GSYB Facebook – Cheer Challenge and like the page to play the game.

Then click on the play now to play CHEER CHALLENGE!

Of course, you will need to be at least 18 years of age to play this  game.

CHEER CHALLENGE is an easy game by clicking the mug to the right characters in all 5 levels. If the mug hits the characters that you are not supposed to toast with, a mug will be gone and some time will be lost. The game will be over either you completed all 5 levels (excluding the 2 bonus levels) or all 5 of your mugs are gone. So GOOD CHOICES, GOOD CHEER. Kanpai.

There are 2 bonus levels in between the 5 levels where by you only need to grab the food and drinks by clicking on the pictures will do.

Let me introduce all the characters that are featured in the game… There are some tips that all of us can learn about drinking from playing this game.

For Betty, Dina, Tina and Tim, all of the players can definitely give a YES toast to them. =)

Yes to Betty the Beer Girl

Point to note: Never drink alcohol with empty stomach. Why? People who tend to drink with empty stomach will tend to get drunk more easily as the body will absorb the alcohol.

Yes to Dina the Dancin’ diva

Point to note: By pacing drinks with her dance moves, it will give the liver more time to break down alcohol more effectively. Thus the drinker won’t get drunk so easily. It is good  to find some activities (can be dancing or other activities) to do instead of drinking and drinking and drinking alcohol non-stop.

Yes to Drinking Buddies

 Point to note: It’s good to have drinking buddies. Why not? Drinking buddies can remind each other how much they drink (for alcohol) as well as find other things to do (eg chit chatting, singing karaoke, play billards, darts) to enjoy good times.

1 of the bloggers singing song

Isn’t it great to have good accompany? Just in case you are drunk, your buddy/your other buddies can send you home.


Now, the next 5 characters all the players should not give a toast to them at all. If not, say goodbye to 1 of your mugs. =, <

Never give toast to the designated driver, Derek

Point to note: Never drink if you are driving. (If you drink, don’t drive) Why? Alcohol affects our brain and mind. Have you heard of intoxicated driving? Or incidents such as Christopher Lee Meng Soon, one of the Mediacorp Actor who hit a person and was jailed for a few months because he drank alcohol and then drive.

Or even heard of Reginald Stephey, who drank beers and drove his car and instantly killed 2 people who’s Jacqueline Saburido’s friends (You can read up my blog post on Jacqueline Saburido).

Drunk people cannot walk straight. My friends and I saw a drunk man walking slightly crooked.

Please do not toast to Duncan the drunken.

Point to note: Bringe-drinking or over-drinking is not good for health. So do not overlimit the amount of alcoholic drinks. Duncan looks like he’s drunk and not alert.

Please do not toast to Sally as she is sick

Point to note: Sick people are not advisable to drink alcohol. Alcohol may have some interaction with the medication which may weaken the effect of the medication or cause the person to feel even more sick/weak after drinking alcohol.

Never toast a mug to pregnant woman

Point to note: Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may affect the foetus and its mental and physical development. Alcohol is considered toxins to the growing foetus.

Tony's underaged. No toasting to him, please.

Point to note: Children like Tony are still growing and their liver function does not work as well as the adult’s liver (partly because of size). Children and adults are different in sizes too. Exposing the children to alcohol at a very young age is not good for their health too as they may get addicted to alcohol.


Last 2 characters of the game (must be very careful with them as they change statuses):

Oscar the officemate (during work/after work)

Point to note: If drink alcohol during work, people cannot concentrate well and stay focus at work. It is advisable to drink alcohol after work which is their free time.

Eric the exercise nut. If he's exercising, please do not toast to him. If he's not exercising, kanpai.

Point to note: Exercise numbs our body. If we do not plan well to exercise and drink (alcohol), we could be injuring ourselves while exercising. It is best to space 24-48 hours apart between exercise and drinking (alcohol).


Let’s get on to the game – CHEER CHALLENGE

How to score points? Just click the beer mug to the correct characters’ icons will do to score as much points as possible without losing mug/(s) as shown below. The game will end if you ran out of beer mugs or end of the game.

Level 1: Betty the beer girl, Dina the dancer and Derek  the designate driver

Level 2: Betty the beer girl, Dina the dancer, Tina and Tim – the drinking buddies and Duncan the drunken

Bonus Level 1: Grab the water jugs (as much as possible)

Point to note: Alcohol is a dehydrant. It dehydrates our body when we drink it. So drink more water (H2O) to replenish our water content in our body.

Full jug will get more points than half filled jug and quarter-filled jug. This indicates more water in the jug will get  more points.

If managed to grab glimmer water jugs, we can earn more bonus points and learn more tips about alcohol and its effects to our body by answering questions.

Level 3: Dina the dancer, Tina & Tim – Drinking Buddies, Oscar when he is not working and when he is working, Derek the designated driver

Level 4: Sally the sneezer, Monica – the mother-to-be, Duncan the drunkard, Betty the beer girl, Tim and Tina – Drinking buddies

Bonus level 2: Grab more food (Pizza, hot dogs and burgers)

Note: It is better to eat some food before drinking alcohol. Do remember to grab some glittering food plates to score more points for this bonus level.

Level 5: Tony the Kid, Eric the Exercise Nut, Betty the beer girl, Dina the Dancer and Tim & Tina – the drinking buddies

Hope you all enjoy the game. I did enjoyed playing the game and learn more tips about drinking and how alcohol affects us. Haha.

Hope everyone learn some great tips from this game and share it with your friends with those wonderful tips. Meanwhile enjoy the CHEERS CHALLENGE.

So  MODERATION IS THE NEW SEXY. What do you think?

What do you want to accomplish with your blog?

What do I want to accomplish with my blog?

1. To improve my writing skills and my thoughts on certain issues

-Writing enables me to organise my thoughts better and express myself in a special and unique way

– Improve the usage of languages on my blog. It is good to learn how to write better and improve my vocabulary of words.

2. To promote sports and health

– It is important as sports makes us feel happy and have better health. There are more and more health issues nowadays and taking care for our health is important. Sports makes us to keep fit.

3. To share fun things in life

– Everybody is different and have different interests. Of course, we must share good stuff with people and have fun.

So what do you want to accomplish with your blog?

Jacqueline Saburido

Hi people, this is part of my GetYourSexyBack Series.

Have you heard of Jacqueline Saburido? She’s now a 32 year-old lady who look totally different from how normal-looking person looks like.

This was how she looks like when she was during her younger days. Pretty right?

Now she looks like this (show below). Very drastic changes to her looks right?

taken from Google images

Indeed, she looks very different after the incident when the then 18-year-old, intoxicated driver, Reginald Steppy, hit her friend’s car. Her friend’s car caught fire. 2 of her friends died instantly and she was struck inside the car while the fire was still on. She was eventually saved but lost her hair, nose, ears, lips, left eyelid and much of her vision. All her fingers had to be amputated.

She undergone many operations after the incident but it is not possible to get back how she look like in the past.

What if this kind of thing happens onto you? How would you feel about it? Or this thing happens to your friends? I would say she’s a brave lady and overcame her odds and showed people how she looked like. Some people may want not want to live with such a face at all.

Of course, the driver Reginald Steppy was jailed for intoxicated manslaughter.

Here’s a video on Jacqueline Saburido and Reginald Steppy.

Now Jacqueline’s an advocate educating people on Don’t Drink & Drive. Means if you are planing to drive, don’t drink alcohol.

Poster taken from Google Images

So think of others if you are drinking alcohol. You wont want to change people’s lives or harm people if you plan to drink. If you plan to drive, do not drink alcohol.

For more information on GetYourSexyBack, please visit or visit Getyoursexyback facebook page to play the CHEER CHALLENGE to find out more about alcohol and its effects and how to be a responsible drinker.

Write someting about Bacon

Bacon – a type of meat. Processed meat because salt added to it. The meat is from pig.

To me, it tasted salty, which I do not like to eat it at all. I do not know why but I know too much salt is bad for our body and the salty taste does not taste great for my taste bud.

Have you tasted bacon sandwich or other products with bacon? I think bacon sandwich is okay for me but not to the extend of too dry and salty and unhealthy.

How about you? Do you like bacon or not?

If you could see any music act from history, who would you pick?

The QUEEN. It is a famous band from UK.

I love their songs. too bad their singer, Freddie Mercury died about 20 years ago due to his medical conditions.

We (the Queen) will Rock you! Because We (the Queen) are the Champions. so let’s play Radio Gaga.

There are so many great music legends that I also like very much but the Queen songs still have great impact compared to the rest.

All of us wont be able to see Freddie Mercury performing live. Thus I would like to see his energy to bring the audience to sing along.

Malaysian Drama NTV’s ♥我爱麻糍♥ Friends Forever

This song’s sung by Sing Chew Sin Huey. It is the theme song for Malaysian’s NTV7 chinese drama ♥我爱麻糍♥ (Titled Friends Forever).

It is now shown on Singapore’s Channel 8, 3.30pm, weekdays. The song sounded great and I love it very much. I can recognised Sing Chew’s voice as it’s so powerful and create some impact. Haha.

NTV7与新传媒联合打造的第16部全新题材的青春励志喜剧《我爱麻糍》,演员包括到新加坡发展的女王石欣卉、新加坡艺人许立桦、陈邦鋆、malaysian 艺人谢佳剑、李美玲、梁丽芳、吴佩其、庄仲维、巫恩仪、伍佩倪、王骏、与徐丽莎等人。

♥我爱麻糍♥ I love to eat muah chee but this drama is not about the real muah chee but their friendship is like muah chee. Very sticky and the friends will support each other even bad times.

Most of the main leads are young aspiring actors and actress. Of course, this is an inspiring drama for the young people.

too bad the timing is in the afternoon on weekdays. Guess I will most probably watch it on the internet instead when i am free.

Enjoy the theme song for《我爱麻糍》. So nice to listen. Yummy yummy. Now I miss taiwanese fruit muah chee. haha.