If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?

I hope I can master the skill of predicting upcoming disasters and earthquake instantly and avoid those danger zones once I know what will happen to the place.

Recently I heard quite a lot of bad things and incidents had happened in the world. Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake as well as Radiation spread from Japan to other countries, Yunnan Earthquake, Chile Earthquake, Sichuan Earthquake, New Zealand’s earthquake, weird things happening around the world.

Of course, If I can master the skill of predicting bad disaster coming to the world using essential tools, I think I can alert and alarm the people who will be affected as quickly as possible. Haha

I also hope I can master how to play pop piano instantly and play it fast and properly, so that I can quickly pen down the melodies humming in my mind and record down the melodies and hope people will appreciate the melodies I composed. Haha. Too bad I do not play pop piano that fast and hardly had the time to practise.

How about you?


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