Malaysian Drama NTV’s ♥我爱麻糍♥ Friends Forever

This song’s sung by Sing Chew Sin Huey. It is the theme song for Malaysian’s NTV7 chinese drama ♥我爱麻糍♥ (Titled Friends Forever).

It is now shown on Singapore’s Channel 8, 3.30pm, weekdays. The song sounded great and I love it very much. I can recognised Sing Chew’s voice as it’s so powerful and create some impact. Haha.

NTV7与新传媒联合打造的第16部全新题材的青春励志喜剧《我爱麻糍》,演员包括到新加坡发展的女王石欣卉、新加坡艺人许立桦、陈邦鋆、malaysian 艺人谢佳剑、李美玲、梁丽芳、吴佩其、庄仲维、巫恩仪、伍佩倪、王骏、与徐丽莎等人。

♥我爱麻糍♥ I love to eat muah chee but this drama is not about the real muah chee but their friendship is like muah chee. Very sticky and the friends will support each other even bad times.

Most of the main leads are young aspiring actors and actress. Of course, this is an inspiring drama for the young people.

too bad the timing is in the afternoon on weekdays. Guess I will most probably watch it on the internet instead when i am free.

Enjoy the theme song for《我爱麻糍》. So nice to listen. Yummy yummy. Now I miss taiwanese fruit muah chee. haha.


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