Jacqueline Saburido

Hi people, this is part of my GetYourSexyBack Series.

Have you heard of Jacqueline Saburido? She’s now a 32 year-old lady who look totally different from how normal-looking person looks like.

This was how she looks like when she was during her younger days. Pretty right?

Now she looks like this (show below). Very drastic changes to her looks right?

taken from Google images

Indeed, she looks very different after the incident when the then 18-year-old, intoxicated driver, Reginald Steppy, hit her friend’s car. Her friend’s car caught fire. 2 of her friends died instantly and she was struck inside the car while the fire was still on. She was eventually saved but lost her hair, nose, ears, lips, left eyelid and much of her vision. All her fingers had to be amputated.

She undergone many operations after the incident but it is not possible to get back how she look like in the past.

What if this kind of thing happens onto you? How would you feel about it? Or this thing happens to your friends? I would say she’s a brave lady and overcame her odds and showed people how she looked like. Some people may want not want to live with such a face at all.

Of course, the driver Reginald Steppy was jailed for intoxicated manslaughter.

Here’s a video on Jacqueline Saburido and Reginald Steppy.

Now Jacqueline’s an advocate educating people on Don’t Drink & Drive. Means if you are planing to drive, don’t drink alcohol.

Poster taken from Google Images

So think of others if you are drinking alcohol. You wont want to change people’s lives or harm people if you plan to drink. If you plan to drive, do not drink alcohol.

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