Describe your first encounter with a celebrity

In our lives, we may or not get a chance to encounter with a celebrity.

Of course, I rarely have a chance to get upclose with the celebrity face to face.

i did saw celebrities such as kaira gong, Joscelyn Yeo (Swimmer), S.H.E, Hady Mirza, DJ Chua Wei Ping, Jeanette Aw, Dai Yang Tian, Kelly Poon, 715, Joanne Peh, Li Yinzhu, Cynthia Koh, Sharon Au, Ho Yeow Sun, Ah-Du, Darren Lim, Evelyn Tan, Eelyn Kok, Andie Chen, Chen Shucheng, Pan Lingling, Nat Ho, Ng Hui, Guo Liang, DJ Lin Lingzhi, Dj Anna Lim, HK Linda Chung and Robert Zhang aka Zzen Zhang and UK Queen Elizabeth live in front of my eyes.

I remembered I saw Queen Elizabeth in 2006 at National Library area.

Of course, my 1st encounter with a celebrity face-to-face was Hady Mirza as I was asked to take a photo for a group of people. He’s friendly to talk to and sings great songs. Thus, he is indeed a winner of Singapore Idol. haha.

I hope to see celebrity like Prince William and his wife Kate as well as Angelina Jolie if I have a chance to have some encounter with them.


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