Pick something you don’t like, and choose to accept it

I do not like to English literature but have to accept the fact that I had to study that during my secondary school days from sec 1 to sec 4 and it was compulsory. I did not get good grade for this subject. Till now, I still do not enjoy english literature as it is difficult to comprehend and analyse the words into what the plot of the story is about.

So I rather do my favorite mathematics assignments and homework 1st and finish up the homework for my favorite subjects and then after finishing them, I slowly think and write for my english literature assignment.

Sometimes, I spent time to do my favorite things and hobbies such as sudoku than thinking about my dislike for the subject. I would say it is a part and parcel of life.

I also do not like to do sparring for my martial arts grading exams and practises but I have to accept the fact that sparring is a necessary for promotion to higher level belts. Sparring is also a test to find out whether we still can remember the basics that we learn during the warming up sessions and apply the basics to tackle the opponent and prevent the opponent from injuring you. The training was tough then. But it helps to relax my mind.

In the real world, we may not like everything but have to accept it despite of dislike and unhappiness. It really helps us to build our character.

Some things we cannot even choose in our lives. So how about you?


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