What character from a book can’t you stop thinking about?

This character is from one of Mr Dick King Smith’s book. Yes, it is a pig called Babe. I know people will find it strange on why I like to read certain types of books although I rarely read fiction books from the library. When I first borrow the book from the library, I fell in love with the story and kept on borrowing other related books and as well as the books written by the author itself.

People would know that Mr Dick King Smith loves to write stories on animals and I love to read story books based on mainly animals and teddy bears that I borrowed from library.

Why I cant stop thinking about Babe from his story the Sheep-Pig?

Babe is a memorable character and there’s a movie called Babe too. Babe grew up in farm and Babe’s one of the inspirational character from the movie and story itself as it has the ability to do well as a sheep-pig.

I still can remember Babe well as it is indeed a memorable character from the book the Sheep Pig. A touching story.


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