Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides…

Hi, mateys! I had a tough time as I was mugging for my exams for the past few days. Thus, lacking of updates due to my preparation of exams.

Me with AngelicaI attended the Gala Premiere of Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides together with my matey – my sister (but I wont be posting her pictures then prior to her permission), on 16 May 2011 at Shaw Lido. It was also the Grand Opening for Shaw Lido Imax after a few weeks of renovation. This was also my 1st visit to Shaw Lido Imax as I initially did not know that Shaw Lido is at Orchard area.

I was so delighted that I am part of the 4000people who attended the Grand Opening of Shaw Lido Imax and watched the Gala Premiere of Pirates of The Caribbean: On  Stranger Tides. Is not it great, mateys?

Collected my invitation card and the movie tickets and waiting to “on board” Lido 5 on my “high sea” adventures on the stranger tides… .

GelatoFood – Mango Sorbet with ice-cream cone. Nice and yummy while waiting to be “on board”….

posterTook some pictures around the Shaw Lido area too. This is Jack Sparrow, the main charater of this movie.

Captain BarbossaCaptain Barbossa – Ex-mate of Jack Sparrow

AngelicaAngelica – the love interest of Jack Sparrow?

Captain BlackbeardCaptain Blackbeard – The Captain of Queen Anne’s Revenge

Lido ImaxShaw Lido Imax

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides  – the Skull


Of course, the movie was great. Quite comical  especially Jack Sparrow and the way his talks and behaviour, really makes people laugh while watching the movie. It is better to watch Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3D and you will feel and sense that the movie is brought to live. The 3D-effects are really great and people of all ages will enjoy watching this movie.

The movie started in England and recruitment of crew members by “Jack Sparrow??” and then how this adventure started along the way.

The picture below shown an article regarding the movie on My Paper.

Newspaper report on the movie

So have you wondered why this movie is called On Stranger Tides. Well, this time round, Jack Sparrow and a group of people (the English, the Spanish as well as Captain Blackbeard) are looking for the Fountain of Youth and some ritual items. Fountain of Youth is a sacred place yet not much people knows about its effect and power as people want to retain youth but have to sacrifice something to achieve that.

1 of the items which people who want to visit the Fountain of Youth is – Mermaid’s Tear. So people need to travel to White Cap Bay to find the mermaids to try their luck to get mermaid’s tear. Thus, it is On Stranger Tides as people may not know what the mermaids will do to them while on their quest to the Fountain of Youth.

Of course I seen some movies that feature Mermaids such as The Little Mermaid, Christy Chung’s Mermaid Got Married but Ariel and Christy Chung’s mermaid characters are much more gentle, unlike most of the mermaids shown in Pirates of The Caribbean. Syrena is the only mermaid that is captured by crew of Blackbeard and Philip.

I went up to Wikipedia and found out about the Mermaid. They love to sing and can be fierce as what is shown in this movie. And the word “Syrena” means mermaid.

But I wont be telling you the whole story except that Philip and Syrena are the sweet couple in this movie. The past 3 series – it was Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann as the sweet couple. Besides Philip and Syrena as the sweet couple in the movie, there were catfights between Jack Sparrow and Angelica as well.

Another interesting thing about this movie is the Voodoo doll, the miniature version of Jack Sparrow in doll version yet people can use this Voodoo doll to manipulate his action. There was an ending part where Angelica found this Voodoo doll. but we are not sure what will happen next.

This may indicate that there may be further series of Pirates of the Caribbean and I am looking forward to watch further series of this movie and enjoying the adventures that Jack Sparrow’s enjoying. Hahaha.

Before I end off this post, here’s the trailer of Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides…

Do Catch this movie on cinemas.

I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

That’s all folks.


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