Is Global Warming a real problem? Why or why not?

Yes, Global Warming is a very serious problem. Have you even watch Al Gore’s film related to the environment – The Inconvenient Truth? By the way, Al Gore was the ex-vice president of the United States and he is an environment activist.

Inconvenient Truth - By Al Gore (image taken from

You must watch it to know how bad global warming has harmed the environment. Do visit for more details. Do remember that We have only 1 Earth which is our home. So saving Gaia is very important.

Do you ever reflect what’s happening to the Earth right now? Have you heard of El Nino and El Nina effect? Melting glaciers – yes as more glaciers are melting  at mountainous region? More forest fires? Do you think there is a vast change in weather? Hot and Cold (reminds me of Katy Perry’s song)? More barren land at certain regions and more deserts in certain regions on the Earth surface? So what is indeed going on? Global Warming does causes these.

Greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide, CFC, methane and etc – traps heat in the Earth’s Atmosphere. By trapping more heat, the Earth’s temperature will become hotter and hotter and hotter… Ice Caps will melt due to the increase in temperature.

Deforestation is also part of the cause of Global Warming. Lesser vegetation, plants to take up Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere = more carbon dioxide = higher temperature. People cleared the forests for more land for human activity. Forest fires (natural and man-made) can also increase carbon dioxide in the environment.

Melting ice caps due to increase in temperature will cause drastic changes to the environment. Increase in water and sea level. Floodings – just like the Brisbane floods in Jan 2011 as well as Venice, Italy is sinking. Some of the islands will ‘disappear’ forever (submerge under the sea). Animals like Polar Bears and Penguins will lose their homeland, which is their natural habitat. (penguins make me remind of Happy feet movie).

Melting in icecaps means more heat will be trapped in the water. This is because there is more surface expose to sunlight and lesser ice to reflect the light (you must know white snow reflects light). Hotter  sea water – means more fishes and marine life also will not survive as well? Have you read the newspapers regarding many Milk fish died in the Philippian sea recently?

Melting glaciers releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere too.

Besides that, human activities also increase the emission of Greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels, oils, petrol, electricity, boiling water using natural gases = release more greenhouse gases.

Readers, do remember to recap what we have done to the Earth. Global Warming is a serious problem. Do take care of the Earth and remember how to save it before it is too late. Let us reduce the usages of CFCs, fossil fuels or burning trees to reduce the emission of Greenhouse Gases in the environment, and Practise 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

Just to let you all know that World Environment Day‘s on 5 June yearly. Do visit 313 Somerset and City Square Mall in Singapore to know more about World Environment Day. Be a Captain Planet to save the Earth and be environmental-friendly! (I did watched Captain Planet cartoons when I was in my school days and I love that cartoon.)

Captain Planet

(Captain Planet image taken from Yahoo search page)


Just to add further:  if you are Singapore Resident and you wish to compose a song to express their appreciation and support for the beautiful environment through music, feel free to join NEA Eco Music Challenge 2011 and send in your entry today! For more details, visit or click on the picture below!
Do care for the environment, K?


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