NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase @ Timbre

Thank you NEA Singapore and for the invite to NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase @ Timbre on 1 June 2011. I invited my sister to attend the event along with me.

So, What is Eco Music Challenge?
Eco Music Challenge is an online song-writing competition organised by the National Environment Agency (NEA) for talented and passionate individuals to express their appreciation and support for our beautiful environment through music. This activity was met with great success during its first season last year and this year, the Challenge is back with Season 2, and participants can get a shot at fame as they sing and write their way to a cleaner, greener Singapore!

It’s a great pleasure to listen to great works of some of the NEA Eco music challenge 2010 participants. This event is hosted by Dasmond Koh. I also saw some familiar faces – Mr Clement Chow and some of the Campus Superstar season 2 participants – Shawn Tok and Seah Hui Xian.

What to know is Mr Clement Chow? Yes, he sung this song – Let’s make our world a Beautiful home for Clean and Green Singapore. He is one of the judges for NEA Eco Music Challenge 2011.

While waiting for the showcase to start, my sis and I took some refreshments and watched the video on NEA Eco Challenge 2010 on the TV screen.The food was great and I do like it.

There are performances by 4 of the last year’s NEA Eco Music Challenge participants. They are Kaye Chia, Lim Yin Liang, Haramain Osman and Daniel Teng.

1st up, Haramain Osman singing his song Heaven on Earth (not the Clean and Green 2011 theme song). It is a song with a upbeat melody to encourage clean and green environment.

Next, Kaye Chia from SP with her SP band, performed her Chinese Rock Song -点亮梦 (Light Up Dream). Very rock. I did not expect that rock can be infused into eco-related song. Very nice and rockish.

3rd to perform was Daniel Teng with his friend Jon. They sang “The Earth is a friend of mine”. Daniel insisted to perform together with his friend, which I agreed. Their voices blended beautifully into this song. Well done.

During the midst of the performances, there are some simple questions for the audience to answer. Some are simple while some are not. During the quiz break, I enjoyed the pastry with my sister and took some drinks to quench thirst.

After that, Lim Yin Liang from SP with his SP band, performed a song called 我的世界(My World). Quite a nice song with some sad tune.

Of course if you wish to listen to their songs, you can visit NEA Eco Music Challenge Season1 Jukebox to listen to part of their song.

Finally, it’s Jill-Marie Thomas’ turn to perform!

Jill-Marie Thomas was the winner of OMG (One Moment of Glory). She performed 2 numbers – Clean and Green 2011 Theme Song – Heaven on Earth (by Kathryn Cheng and Rafaee Mahmood) as well as cover of Katy Perry’s song  -Fireworks (I love this song very much as mentioned on 1 of my blog posts).

Here’s a video of Jill-Marie Thomas singing the Clean and Green 2011 Theme Song – Heaven on Earth.

Here’s the original version (90sec commercial version that we watched on TV)

When I listened to Clean and Green 2011 Theme Song – Heaven on Earth, the melody is very calming for the verse and then become more sadder melody for the chorus to make people reflect on what is happening to the Earth. And with the meaningful lyrics for the song – it really brings out the whole song.

It is also a great pleasure to have NEA Eco Music Challenge 2011 poster girl – Ms Inch Chua at the event venue to give us (the audience) an impromptu performance. Inch Chua is 1 of the Singapore singers and she is just 22 years old.

Although she is petite but she has powerful vocals. Just like Angela Chang Shao Han 张韶涵 (Taiwanese Singer), Charice Pempengco (Filipina Singer acted in Glee and was performing on Singapore Idol 3 finale show) and Campus Superstar 3 1st runner-up cum 超級星光大道 participant – Xiao Bu Dian – Rachel Chua Ai Jia 蔡艾珈.

Inch Chua had sung 2 wonderful songs – Discern and Mount Epiphany. And they are great and I liked it. What to find out more about Inch Chua? Visit for more details!


Wondering what to write for a song to take part in NEA Eco Music Challenge?

Here’s some of my previous posts to give you some ideas:
Is Global Warming a real problem? Why or why not?
“The Power of Lyrics in Songs” <歌词在歌曲中的神奇力量>

Captain Green

Captain Green

Clean and Green Carnival 2010 @ Sengkang

Or visit NEA ECO MUSIC CHALLENGE’s website for more inspiration and songwriting tips from Ms Inch Chua and Mr Clement Chow. 1 of the judges for the NEA ECO Music Challenge 2011 is Mr Clement Chow.

Songs can be in English or Mandarin. Rock, R&B, classic or Pop or any genre.

There are Attractive prizes up for grabs!
1st Prize: $5000
2nd Prize: $3000
3rd Prize: $2000
7 consolation prizes worth $300 each
Most Popular song: $300
Young Musician Award: $300

1 Lucky voter will win an Ipod Nano 16GB.

The top 10 finalists will also be selected for a special mentorship programme with Singapore’s veteran composer, Clement Chow, Timbre Music Academy’s Sara Wee and Mang Irama Dusqie, as well as Intune Music School’s Aaron Lim and Peng Chi Sheng!

The finalists will then pit their skills at the finale concert held on 27 August 2011 and the winning song will be selected as the official Clean & Green Singapore song for 2011/2012.

Top 3 will also get a chance to showcase their song at TIMBRE @ Substation.

Looks interesting, right? So what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy if you have great ideas to write a beautiful song for the environment and take part in the challenge.

Last day to submit your entry: 20 June 2011 (Monday)

Just to add on some highlights that I learnt from “The Power of Lyrics in Songs” <歌词在歌曲中的神奇力量>forum to give you more inspiration to write good songs:

-It is good to have powerful lyrics to bring out the meaning of the song as what Dr Liang Wern Fook and Li Zhi Qing Lao Shi has mentioned during “The Power of Lyrics in Songs” <歌词在歌曲中的神奇力量> forum. Lyrics may not need to be complicated at all and can be simple for people to understand.

Here’s an example of a song of what 1 of the speaker has mentioned – 田馥甄 Hebe Tien’s song called Love! <愛>.

Part of the Lyrics of the song: I love you, you love her, She love him, He loves her.

Of course with nice melody and powerful lyrics – It will have 画龙点睛effect to the song and many people will remember it forever in their mind.

画龙点睛(Putting the finishing touch to the picture of a dragon) means good effect to touch up the product.

Good melodies with bad lyrics will not have good effect to the song. So remember to pen down meaningful lyrics to bring out the whole song!

Just like Clean & Green 2011 Theme song – Heaven on Earth. Beautifully written.

Chorus for Heaven on Earth
This Is Heaven On Earth,
Why Have We Forgotten
Does Our Heaven Deserve All The Pain We’ve Given,
We Have All Got To Change Before It’s Too Late.
Save Our Earth Before She Fades Away


Besides that, I would also like to share with you some of the tips that I learnt from another talk from music maker.

I remembered I went to Mr Eric Ng’s workshop on Melody composition. He  mentioned that people should get some1 to listen to your melody 1st to hear whether people find the melody familiar or foreign. It is good not to copy other songs’ melody and treat it as if you own the melody (copyright issues). He said that there is background melody for the pop songs. Sometimes producers do insert a bridge to link the chorus and the verses together and the bridge is normally in a higher note range.

I will quote an example – Katy Perry’s Fireworks.

La-la-la-la-lah, La-la-la-la-lah…… (like repetition of the same melody for the verse of the song).


So are you inspired to write your own eco song?

Of course, it is good to be original and comes from your heart.

Hope it helps you to find more ideas of how to write a song for the



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