Duan Wu Jie – 端午节

端午节 also known as Dragon Boat Festival or Rice Dumpling Festival. It occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar which the Chinese calendar is based on. It is to commemorate Qu Yuan, a poet who loved his nation very much.

2011 端午节 will fall on 6 June 2011, Monday. There are some known widespread activities such as eating rice dumplings 粽子 and dragonboating.

Of course, I love to eat some type of 粽子 such as nyonya rice dumplings and rice dumplings with some peanuts. Nyonya rice dumplings tasted great as it is not as oily as meat dumpling. Sometimes, I just like to eat glutinous rice dumplings with peanuts. Still ok.

I remembered I last time used to watch and help my mum to put the 粽子filling and quite time consuming as she had to cook the glutinous rice and add some ingredients and then wrap the leaves and put the filling and tied up the dumplings and steam them for quite awhile.

I have not tried dragonboating yet as I have no time to do so. Haha. But may consider trying it 1 day with a group of friends for leisure purpose.

I think it is time to appreciate the Chinese unique culture more often.


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