Whose responsibility is it to change the world?

I would say that it is our responsibility to change the world. We, human beings, change the world physically. Many natural habitats had been cleared to make way for urbanization and buildings for commercial, manufacturing and agriculture purposes.

Cant we see the drastic changes? Pollution, hazes, bad weather, global warming, destruction of the habitats, imbalance ecology, pouring toxins into the river, extinction of many animals (such as Dodo bird) and endangered animals – are we making the world a better place?

Even with better technology as we advances – we also have created another set of problems – an example –  the existence of superbugs – bacteria that cannot be killed by antibiotics and  scary virus due to mutation of genes and getting more resistance to the medications that are used for treating/killing that virus and bacteria.

So only if we work together to change the world into a better place, i think at least we can conserve some animals and prevent global warming from making the Earth hotter, and hotter and hotter.

Hotter weather and temperature does encourage more bacteria to grow and more easily to spread more scarier and fatal diseases to people.

It is our responsibility to change the world. Hope people will love the world, not taking it for granted. It is our role to preserve the Earth’s resources and find alternatives resources. as well as prevention and reduction of fatal and scary disease to the rest of the people.


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