My 1st experience of playing guitar

I have never played guitar before nor touch it. So when I saw young ntuc is organising short courses on guitar, i immediately signed up for that.

Went to CFA studio at NUS yesterday.

The people who taught me how to play a guitar are friendly and approachable. Thank you for your patience and lending me a helping hand and sharing your interesting experiences on how to play a guitar.

I did not expect that guitar is slightly different from piano, keyboard, harmonica and recorder. Recorder is much easier but need to remember what holes to cover to blow the right notes for the tunes. Harmonica only need to place it on the mouth and blow. Just know when and where to put it and play the tune.

Piano is about striking the right notes. Need to strike it. Keyboard – need to remember the notes.

Guitar is totally different from what I was expecting. It is about using both hands to work together to play out the tunes. 1 hand is to press the string/(s) while the other is to pluck or strumming the tunes.

To me, I think it is a great experience to expose myself to another music instrument and tried to play it. I enjoyed it. Although I am still new to it, but I think I need a lot of practice on how to play it perfect and even better.

If anyone knows any place in Singapore selling cheap and affordable guitars, let me know as I am interested to get 1 guitar for myself and practice. Thanks.


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