Green Lantern Gala Premiere @ Shaw Lido

Thank you to F*** mag for letting me winning a pair of Green Lantern the movie tickets at Shaw Lido on 15 June 2011. I went there with my friend, Lina. It was an okay movie and about overcoming fears.

We do have fears in our lives. Fear of this and that. But if we overcome our fears, we will be more confident in ourselves.

Heard of the comics series of the Green Lantern? This movie characters are mostly based on some of the characters in the Green Lantern Comics Series. The characters in this movie are Hal Jordan, the main protagonist in this movie as well as the other characters Carol Ferris (Hal Jordan’s love interest), Abin Sur (the Green Lantern Alien who transferred his powers to Hal Jordan), Hector Hammonds, Sinestro (1 of the Green Lanterns, who taught Hal Jordan some skills), Kilowog (Hal Jordan’s trainer), Tomar-Re (Fish-look-alike Green Lantern), and the main antagonist in this movie and villain in the Green Lantern Comics- Parallax.

Hal Jordan (acted by Ryan Reynolds) was one of the Silver age Green Lantern in its comic series. Hal Jordan is a test pilot at Carol Ferris’s company. He did had some fears as his father, who was also a pilot died during 1 of his test pilot days and Hal witnessed how his father died. Carol Ferris (acted by Blake Lively) is Hal Jordan’s love interest. One of the scientists,Dr Hector Hammond, also likes Carol Ferris very much.

This movie starts from the outer space in the universe with Parallax (the ultimate being of fear, YELLOW signifies fear) escaped from 1 of the planets and attacked Abin Sur, and how the powers from the Green Lantern ring and the Green lantern was transferred from 1 of the Green Lanterns –  Abin Sur, after his spaceship crashed on the planet Earth and died later, to Hal Jordan, the recipient of the Green Lantern Ring and lantern.

There is an oath which the selected Green Lantern had to say before the transfer of the power to became part of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal was the 1st person from the Earth to receive the powers from the Green Lantern.

“In brightest day, in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight!
Let those who worship evil’s might,
beware my power.. Green Lantern’s light!”

Then Hal Jordan was transported to the outer space to meet his fellow Green Lantern corp members, Tomar-Re and undergone some training from Kilowag and Sinestro, who is Hal’s mentor. Tomar-Re stated that Green signifies WILLPOWER.

Dr Hector Hammond, was infected with Parallax’s DNA while examining Abin Sur’s body. He became a monster-like person and killed some people with his new-found powers and had fought with Hal while Hal is trying to save people. Hal then found out that Parallax will be on his way to the Earth. Meanwhile, at the planet Oa, Sinestro requested the Guardians to forge a ring of some yellow power (fear).

With some encourage from Carol, Hal overcomes his fear and had to fight a battle with Parallax. It was not an easy battle and Hal nearly died after the battle. Hal was then saved by Sinestro and the other Green Lanterns.

Anyway, the story will still continue on. During the ending credits, Sinestro, looked quite curious while looking at the yellow ring that the Guardian had forged. He decided to remove his green ring and put on the yellow ring and his clothes has changed to yellow colour with a more evil look.

So I believed that there will be future editions of this movie – Green Lantern.

Here’s the trailer of this movie – Green Lantern.

I will give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.


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