– Tips for Visumes (Video Resume)

Points that can be covered in a Visume on

1)      Your Name

2)      Occupation/Industry that one is keen to join

3)      Why you would be a great employee to that companies in that industry

– Plus points (Character/Attitude)

– Course of studies  (relevance to the industry or not)

– Experiences (CCA, previous jobs, portfolio)

–  Skills (Adobe Photoshop? Excel? MS office)

4)      Highlight experiences/ show samples of works that can showcase your skills/abilities that will be useful in the job you want to apply for.

That said, if you can do something that is out of the box, it would be the best. All that matters is that the video must iterate the message – why you would be a great employee! To find out more about, please visit my previous post @Important Information About or visit for more details!


1. Dress appropriately (as you would go for an interview – you need not be formal but don’t be sloppy)

2. Prepare the points/ script in advance and rehearse it before video

3. Speak confidently

There are some samples video resumes. Click them to watch  to get some inspirations.

1st example

2nd example

3rd example

4th example

5th example

Do not:-

1)      DO NOT Mention your expected pay

2)      DO NOT Use obscenity

3)      DO NOT say anything that you wouldn’t say at an interview

To make your video more interesting, you can :-

1)      Add suitable sound effects / Music

Unsuitable music may worsen the video. Of course make sure that your voice is audible and louder than the music.

2)      Add subtitles (your script to tell your prospective employers))

3)      Add suitable video clips/ pictures

4)      Use props (suitable ones)

5)      Showcase portfolio

6)      Be witty in your script

7)      Showcase your talent – singing/ dancing or other talents/hobbies

So are you inspired to create your own Visume? Let the Visume Wars begin by submiting your own Visume on NOW and stand a chance to win prizes!


2 thoughts on “ – Tips for Visumes (Video Resume)

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