National Family Celebrations 2011 – 25 June 2011

Thank you National Family Celebration 2011, and NTUC for the tickets to Singapore Flyer on 25 June 2011. I went to Singapore Flyer with my family and relatives. There was a carnival at Waterfront Promenade as people can take part in certain activities such as playing games to stand a chance to win attractive prizes as well as take photos.  I could not stay for long as I was rushing to meet up with my family and relatives but I redeem 1goodie bag from TODAY newspaper advertisement on the event itself.

I remembered I last visited Singapore Flyer was in 2009 with my friend. After 2 years, there are indeed quite a lot of changes in Singapore Flyer.

There is a new addition to Singapore, Journey of Dreams. This exhibit show how they built Singapore Flyer and many interesting information on Singapore Flyer as well while waiting for entry into Singapore Flyer.

I would say there are some many changes to Singapore Landscape for the past 4-5 years after 1 round at the Singapore Flyer. The Garden near the Marina Barrage is still under construction and only be ready in 2012. I would say once the construction of the Marina Bay Garden has completed, it will be a good time to board onto Singapore Flyer again to see the Singapore Landscape.

Do not need to worry if you are hungry and thirsty. There are more food stalls at Singapore Flyer. Ranging from Popeye, 711, to Each-a-cup as well as Hawker food at Singapore Road Trail, you do not need to worry that as they are affordable and there are so many choices to choose from.

For more information on Singapore Flyer, please visit for more information.

To find out more about National Family Celebration, visit for more information.


Of course I did enjoyed my day with my family and relatives at Singapore Flyer on 25 June 2011 as well as bonding time with them. (I took some photos but due to technical issues I cannot upload onto my blog)



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