Do I prefer the aisle or window when traveling? Why?

When I am traveling (via plane, bus, train &/or other forms of transport in my own country or other countries), I prefer the window when traveling.

Why I prefer the window seat more than the aisle? I do not know why. Sometimes, I tend to doze off or fell asleep while taking bus to the next destination and leaning on the window seems to be more safe than sitting near the aisle and may fall off while dozing off.

Sometimes while I travel, I will look at the window to see the surroundings of the area where the transport will be traveling and remain as part of my memories forever. Sometimes the transport that I am traveling at, will pass by some distinguish landmarks.

I remembered I took a night plane back to my country, my friends and I saw some beautiful night lights surrounding a path/road (should be from 1 asian country if not wrong). It was a rare sight from boarding the plane.

For train trips, of course I will definitely prefer window seats. Window seats allow me to see a different view compare to aisle. Sitting near the aisle does not give me a good view of the places that I have visited or seen.


I took a train from Johore Bahru, Malaysia back to KTM’s Tanjong Pagar Train terminal in Singapore (my 1st and my last time boarding a train to Tanjong Pagar Train Terminal on KTM train). It was a rare opportunity to see so much greenery in Singapore landscape and sitting near the window gives me a different impression of Singapore and made me wonder where the train will pass by in which areas of Singapore and I may explore those places again when I am free.


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