30 June 2011 – Last day of KTM train @ Tanjong Pagar &Bukit Timah

Tanjong Pagar Train Station

30 June 2011 – KTMB (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad or known as Malayan Railways Limited in English translation) will be the last day of its train services going to and leaving its south bound terminus, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore and will be relocating its services to Woodlands train checkpoint with the effect of 1st July 2011.

This is railway map that I got from Google search

This map that I got from the Google search shows the distance marking. With the termination of its service to Tanjong Pagar Train Station in Singapore and the Southbound train to Singapore will terminate at Woodlands after that, the train distances will be shorten and there will be less than 1km of the railway trains in Singapore. It was about 26KM long of distance from Tanjong Pagar to Causeway at Singapore.

Of course the feeling was sad as I took buses past Tanjong Pagar Train Station very often (if I took bus from Vivocity back to my home) but never get down and visit the interior of Tanjong Pagar Train Station till its last week of train operation in Singapore. I also felt sad as I need to travel quite far to woodlands via bus if I want to go Johor Bahru and Tanjong Pagar is considered nearer compared to Woodlands.

They are also closing the Bukit Timah Station as well and I took some photos and saw some trains passed by Bukit Timah Station and witness the exchange of train key tokens by 1 of the station masters.

Here’s 1 of the cast iron bridge along Bukit Timah & Dunearn Road, near Rifle Range Road. It is very near Bukit Timah station. (Just walking distance, but I did not know about that until I walked up the slope to the area) I remembered I passed by this area for 3 years and I did not know that the train station was really very near to this cast iron bridge.

Besides this, it was such a rare scene to see so many train tracks while walking from Kampong Bahru area to Vivocity. This place shows somewhere near the Singapore depot for KTMB trains (near Spooner Road).

I passed that Tanjong Pagar Station via bus and it was very empty & sealed up. Means people cant enter the track. So if you are planning to trek along the whole track, you only can enter/exit near Spooner Road or near Silat Road (along AYE route).

I have more photos but due to technical problems with my portable hard disk, I am not able to upload to my blog for the time being as I need to recover images from my SD card.

From now till 17 July 2011, we are free to visit the railway tracks in Singapore. But we have to take note of our safety. After that, most of the railway tracks will be removed and a 3km stretch of railway tracks from Rifle Range Road to the Rail Mall will continue to be open to the public till July 31.

So if you wish to visit those tracks, do visit soon before it’s gone.


3 thoughts on “30 June 2011 – Last day of KTM train @ Tanjong Pagar &Bukit Timah

    • Hi Wanderlust,

      Thank you for reading.

      You can take buses to go to there. It is near King Albert Park. There are buses 66, 67, 74, 151, 154, 170, 171, 174 heading there. Have to drop near the Sterling (the bus stop). If you are driving, it is better to drive at bukit timah road till see that bridge.

      Do look for for the landmark – The cast iron bridge at Bukit-timah Road (towards King Albert Park) & Dunearn road (towards National JC). There is a overhead bridge quite near the iron bridge.

      Once you reach the bridge, enter from Bukit Timah Road and walk along the path (southwards). Do not enter from Dunearn Road (near Rifle Range Road) as it is towards north. You will see some tracks & the station master’s office.


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