Cheer Challenge – Grand Finals @ The Cathay on 4 June 2011

Cheers Challenge Grand Finals was organised by Asia Pacific Brewery (Singapore) Pte Ltd. It was held at The Cathay at Handy Road on 4 June 2011. Sorry for my late post as I have some technical problems with my own pictures. Thank you Omy Janet for her pictures.

27 contestants from 9 different countries (Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand and Mongolia) and 10 bloggers came to compete with each other to stand a chance to win the top 3 prizes. Only 9 out of 27 contestants from 9 different countries and 1 blogger took part in the finals of the Cheers Challenge.

Of course it was my honour to be 1 of the top 10 bloggers to take part in the Cheers Challenge.

Here’s some of the highlights of the events.

Picture of Me & Daniel Ong doing hi-5

A rare opportunity to do a Hi-5 with ex-DJ Daniel Ong. Was so happy and honoured for that.

Let the challenge begin (for the bloggers) …

This was taken while playing the game. No smile from my face.

I did not do well for the blogger’s challenge because I had no much mugs left for the game but it’s still okay. I was so nervous then. Haha. However, I did have fun playing the Cheers Challenge‘s game. It was a rare chance to have some interactive with the host of the event, Daniel Ong as he is so funny.

Yong Wei was the winner of the blogger’s challenge and proceeded directly with the final round with the other 9 contestants. He had a live interview with Jean Danker too!

Deziree got 2nd.

Calvin got 3rd.

DJ from Class 95FM – Jean Danker and Bobby Tonelli (Mediacorp Artiste Joanne Peh’s boyfriend) came for the event as well and had some fun while playing games with some of the audiences and heard that some of the beer mugs broke while saying cheers with the mugs.

Of course, I was rooting for a Singaporean to win at least 1 of the top 3 prizes for the Cheers Challenge. However, they did not manage to win the top 3 prizes. The winner of the Cheers Challenge is Mr Soo Jen Yeh from Malaysia. Lucky him as he can go for a holiday to Maldives.

There’s also a public challenge and the person must score at least 10,000 points for the Cheers Challenge and 1 guy scored the highest amongst the public  (more than 10,000) and he won $1000 cash prize. So lucky of him.

For great tips, please visit for more details.

MODERATION IS THE NEW SEXY! How about U? Drinking in moderation is important. Do drink savvy, k? It is not what you drink but how you drink.


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