Shine Youth Festival 2011 – Opening Ceremony @ Scape on 2 July 2011

This is not my 1st time attending Shine Youth Festival event. I attended Shine Youth Festival events since 2007. I attended the closing ceremony in 2007 thus I got to know about this event and after that, I went for its opening ceremony since 2008. I remembered 2008 was at Bugis, 2009 was near Ngee Ann City’s Civic Plaza and 2010 was at Scape.

Me at DBS Youth Design Photo Posing Area

When I reached *Scape today, I was so eager to pose a photo at the DBS Youth booth. The photographer asked me to pose in that style. Do i look weird in this pose? Haha. I think I should do the Green Lantern pose instead since I was wearing Green Lantern T-shirt.

There were quite a lot of interesting activities going on at *Scape.

Pillow Fighting Competition (people use pillow to hit each other except head while balancing on the beam)

Pillow Fighting competition @ *scape

DJ Koflow workshop (for registered participants only)

Panasonic Lumix Photography Workshop (for registered participants only)

Beatboxing Workshop (for registered participants)

NEA Percussion Competition – only for students

Kiki Tay’s magic performance – quite hilarious & entertaining

Eating competition sponsored by Once upon a milkshake

I took part in the competition & had to eat 3 scoops of Vanilla Ice cream within a short period of time. I tried my best and I was not that fast. Guess I should ask my father to take part in this if his health condition is okay. The pic shown above was taken during the 2nd round of the eating competition.

Kit-Kat Chill out zone ? Yes, it was an area for people to HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KIT KAT (sounds familiar?). Kit Kat girls are roaming around the area to ask people to vote for the art work designs on *Scape’s facebook page & got a piece of KIT KAT after voting.

Well, I can have a break with a Kit Kat...

There were bazaar stalls selling many items at *scape level1 area as well. That place was so crowded.

There were also Nestle drinks (MILO & Sjora mango drink) for people to quench their thirst as well. Quite nice.

Lion Dance

Lion Dance

There was also Mascot Parade as well. Mascot parade started since 2009 Shine Youth Festival. Quite a number of people dressed up like different characters such as Transformers, bunny costumes, rabbit costumes, and other interesting characters too. Interesting right?

I did not stay on to watch the concert with performances from Tay Kewei, Derrick Hoh, Jack & Rai & etc as I had to rush home for dinner. But I heard that the concert was great!

This year’s welcome gift is notepad. Every year they will give different gifts. I got bandana in 2009, a compressed towel in 2010.

2010 gift - Compressed towel

There are also many upcoming activities coming up soon during SHINE Youth festival period. Do visit for more details & updates on those events!

I am looking forward for more exciting future editions of SHINE Youth Festivals!


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