Preview to My Railway Adventures at KTM tracks in Singapore

Hi Readers, Thank you for reading my blog. I will post some of my images on my blog later regarding my railway adventures at KTM tracks in Singapore later on.

I only managed to cover the tracks from Silat Avenue to The Rail Mall due to time constraint as well as fatigue body after walking for 13km (with a short break).

I will continue my railway track walking adventures from the Rail Mall till Kranji Road area on another day before SLA closes the area of the tracks after 17 July 2011. Only the tracks from Rifle Range Road till the Rail Mall will remain open to the public till 31 July 2011.

I would say if you plan to trek the whole tracks in Singapore, it will not be possible as there are barriers blocked. We cannot start the journey from Tanjong Pagar station but only at Silat Avenue due to security control. As well as Woodlands train checkpoint – which we  cannot trek there as the tracks are still in use. Do note that it will take quite awhile to complete those tracks from Woodlands to Tanjong Pagar if walk all the way.

I have some advice to you if you are trekking along the railway tracks.

1. Drink enough water and have sufficient supply of water while walking at the tracks.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. There are so many rocks within the tracks. Very uncomfortable while walking on the rocks & may lose grip if not careful. My feet are aching after walking on the rocky surface for about 5hours.

3. Plan your journey. It is good to have some planning like what to start and end. How long to walk & have a short break to rest your feet.

4. Apply sunblock lotion. I did have some suntan after the walk..


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