My Railway track walking adventures Part I

Hi Readers, Sorry for keeping you all waiting for my railway track walking adventures in Singapore. I went and walked some of the tracks on 9 July 2011 from Silat Avenue (near Spooner Road, KTMB depot and Kampong Bahru) till the Rail Way Mall.

Before I start my railway track walking, I took bus 61 and dropped at Melati Block 2. Those flats were the places that the KTM staff used to live in Singapore then. It’s near the Spooner Road Depot. Anyway, saw some of the tracks were dismantled in KTM depot area. There is no way for the public to enter the Tanjong Pagar Train Station as it is currently closed.

We will not be able to access to this part of the train tracks at all. But you can try taking this photo from the flyover at Kampong Bahru Road. This photo was taken a few months ago as there were trains going into Tanjong Pagar station.

Took my lunch at Silat Avenue (foodcourt behind Orange Valley Home). Spent $3 on my seafood Horfun as I was famishing & needed energy to walk for a long distance.

After I had my lunch, I walked towards the green coloured blocks of flats & saw a wooden board leading towards the path to the train tracks. However, I had to make a detour to the path as the slope was too steep & safety is important.

Finally reached those train tracks. It was a rare occasion where members of the public can walk on those tracks officially (temporary only up till 17 July 2011) & no worries about incoming train/(s). However, some of the items were dismantled and/or removed then.

For example, there were used to have 2 of this Bukit Timah signs at each side the Bukit Timah station before 1 July 2011 & now only left with 1 (on the right side only). The picture below is the one at the left side of the station.

So do not be shock when you see some of the telephones and signal lights are dismantled & lying on the ground or tracks. Be careful of shattered pieces of glass as well. So wear a good pair of shoes is important for a long journey as I nearly lost my grip while walking. I could not walk as fast as I could as most of the area were not smooth.

Of course, while walking on the railway tracks, I passed by some of the landmarks such as Bukit Merah Bus Interchange, factory area at Bukit Merah (after Bukit Merah Bus interchange), Alexandra Flyover, some abandoned huts, Alexandra Hospital, Tanglin Halt, Biopolis, Buona Vista, Service College at Buona Vista, Ghim Moh flats, old Raffles Junior College, Cold Storage Jelita, Clementi Woodlands, Bukit Timah station, the Truss bridge between Bukit Timah Road and Dunearn Road, Rifle Range Road, Hindhede Drive (near the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve) with a road bridge, the upcoming MRT line of Upper Bukit Timah Road and The Rail Mall (near Dairy Farm area) where by another Truss bridge is located. I stopped at the Rail Way mall area as it was getting late in the evening.

As well as some animals too – I did not have much time to explore those insects except seeing monkeys near Hindhede Drive area.

Furthermore, I would say that it will not be say to go to certain areas of the railway tracks when the sky is dark during night time. It can be scary to walk alone.

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Stay tune for more updates!


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