Describe a perfect meal

A perfect meal is best to be accompanied by a relax environment with a nice and beautiful scenery & fine weather.

Dining at the beach looks fine to me. With the sea breeze and the sounds of the gentle tides and a beautiful sunset. This is the relaxing environment that I want to dine in.

It is ok if I am dining alone. Of course, it is good to have a set meal with appetizer & desserts with western meal.

Bread with cheesy butter as a appetizer. Chicken chop with mushroom sause, mash potatoes, baked beans and a vegetable salad with mayonaise sause. Fruits such as watermelon to be served. Dessert – 3 Scoops of different flavored ice cream (1 vanilla, 1 strawberry & 1 cream with macedonia nuts/tiramisu flavour scoop) coated with chocolate fudge, a biscuit cone, on them of a piece of jelly.

As well as fruit tea for my drink to quench my thirst.

While eating, there will be some machine messaging my tired feet as well to make me feel more relaxed while dining & looking at the beautiful nature.

That’s my perfect meal in my mind. How about you?



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