Can a movie be better than the book it was based on?

Have you ever watch movies that was based on a book?
Do you know what movie/(s) was based on books? If you know, you can list down some examples.
I know quite a few movies are based on books. Comic books, fiction books. Comic books can be like X-men, Green Lantern. Fiction books – quite a few – such as Harry Potter by J K Rowling (7 books for this novel), Babe (the sheep-pig), and other examples.

Reading a book is about imagination. Using words to describe things and make us use part of our senses to imagine as we read the story. It is full of words.

How about comics? It has some pictures with the dialog. It is still pictures. No motion.

Movie has a visual and sound effect as well as having motion. Sometimes, it helps to create a more real effect of what the story is describing on and movie does not need to use so many words to describe the emotion, the action as the actor has to express out the emotion & show the action.

I would think it depends on what type of movie. For action movies, of course movie can be better than the book it was based on. More thrilling.

But for romantic novels (I do not read them at all) or real life stories (such as 127 hours) or non-action stories, I think it is equal for movie and book.

What do you think?


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