2011 Singapore Blog Awards – History gets Social

I’ve attended 2011 Singapore Blog Awards (新加坡部落格大奖) at Shanghai Dolly (near River Valley Road in Clarke Quay area) on 23 July 2011. I was happy to attend this event as I never expect that History gets Social??? This was the 4th year Omy.sg organised awards for bloggers.

This event was graced by our Acting Minister of Community, Youth and Sports – Mr Chan Chun Sing as the Guest of Honour for 2011 Singapore Blog Awards.

Great food and drinks were served while waiting for the show to start as well as listening to great music. Haha. Domino pizza’s on the house too as they are the sponsors for this event. I took a can of Zesta (gives me energy to last till the night since I had to attend Singapore Heritage Fest concert at Fort Canning Green after the Singapore Blog Award).

Although I am not nominated for any of the categories, but I did vote for people for all the categories. I will not tell you who I voted except that I did vote for Jeanette Aw and S.H.E. I also had a short chat with Mr Chan Chun Sing during this event too.

There were judging criteria for most of the blog categories as well as public online voting too. A total of 16 categories for this year’s blog awards. 4 special categories (70% by judging + 30% public votes) + 2 Celebrity categories (100% Public votes) + 10 main catergories (70% by judging + 30% public votes).

Results of the 4 special categories:

1. ASUS Best Tech Blog 2011 Winner – Elaine Chua (Write on Write)

2. Adonis Best Beauty Blog 2011 Winner: Moonberry (Moonberry)

3. Deal.com.sg Best Shopping Blog 2011 Winner: Darren Ang  (Darren Bloggie)

4. HTC Best Mobile Blog  2011 Winner: Kevin Soh (Double Image)

There were 2 of the celebrities’ blog categories – 1 is for local artiste and the other is for the overseas artiste. The results were announced before 2011 Singapore blog awards.

Here’s the results of the 2 most popular Celebrity blogs:

1. HTC最受欢迎海外名人部落格/微博, HTC Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog/Microblog 2011 Winner: S.H.E Hebe

2. HTC Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog/Microblog 2011 Winner: Jeanette Aw

Then all of us watched a skit on History gets Social. This shit is about Historical characters using technology and social tools to get social. It was quite an interesting shit. Sang Nila Utama and his assistant using HTC mobile phone application to navigate direction. Then his assistant using ASUS lab top to surf facebook. Beside that, Sir Stamford Raffles, Chinese Emperor and Hitler came into the picture too. With a “beauty” (Acted by Abigail Chay) bringing in Domino’s Pizza.

After the skit, it’s time to give out prizes for the winners of the 10 main categories… Winners will receive a trophy that was designed by Mr Tan Swee Hie as well as a trip to Melbourne. So cool right?

Results of the 10 Main categories for 2011 Singapore Blog awards:

1. Best Individual Blog 2011 Winner: Ah Pou (小熊物语-阿宝的日记)

2. Getyoursexyback (GYSB) Best Lifestyle Blog 2011 Winner:  Bing – Story of Bing 

3. Best What-the-Hell blog 2011 Winner: Aussie Pete – Aussie Pete.Com

4. Domino Best Food Blog 2011 Winner: Foodeology by Yiwei

5. Best Photography Blog 2011 Winner: Jerome Lim (The long and Winding Road)

I like to read his blogs on his KTM train adventures. It’s very interesting and makes people keen to come back to read on KTM trains.

6. Best Y-bloggist 2011 Winner: Kirsten Han (Funny Little World)

7. Best Family Blog 2011 Winner: Daphne Ling (Mother Inc)

8. Best Fashion Blog 2011 Winner: Valyn Lim (it’s all about valyn)

9. Best Travel Bog 2011 Winner: MSKY (mskydream.com)

10. Best integrated social Media Blog 2011 Winner: Eric Lim (the real Eric Lim)

Of course it’s not over yet. There’s a costume contest too for those who dresses up according to the theme. 2Cleopatras, Pocahontas (Clara), Liang Po Po (Mint), Shepard and his wife (Leony), Alexander McQueen (Eric Lim), Oversized Dick Lee (Yong Wei), Black lips guy with long fringe (Marilyn Manson) and Michael Jackson (by Steven Lim, the guy who stripped off part of his clothes for Singapore Idol 1 audition)

Of course, I got a chance to vote for 1 female and 1 male for the best dressed award. Congrats to Liang Po Po and Alexander McQueen for winning the Best Dressed award.

After that, it’s the LUCKY Draw. I did not win anything from the lucky draw but what I won was the fun and excitement from the event.

After that, I received my goodie bag from Omy. Haha. Here’s what I got…

Some vouchers from Rochester and GetSingapore.sg, Adonis Product Pamplet, Badges (1 from Youth.sg and 1 from Omy.sg on History get Social), Green Hornet Pouch and X-Men: First Class Glass. Domino’s Pizza was the sponsor of Green Hornet and X-Men: First Class movie as well as the Singapore Blog Awards.

Cannot wait to use the glass for my drinks!

Thank you Omy.sg for the invitation to such a great event and I did enjoyed myself too!

Here’s the links to the Highlights of Singapore Blog Awards on Omy.sg:

博客大玩历史主题 “梁婆婆”现身部落格大奖
Hope you all enjoy! =)


4 thoughts on “2011 Singapore Blog Awards – History gets Social

    • Hi Jas,

      I’ve updated my blog by putting all the winners’ blog url on the post. Thanks for reading! =)

    • Hi Moonberry,

      You’re welcome. Thank you for reading my blog. I visited your blog & it’s quite interesting. Will continue visit your blog. =)

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