Singapore Heritage Festival – Rites of Passage At Parkway Parade

Singapore Heritage Festival 2011

Singapore Her3itage Festival Logo

Singapore Heritage Festival is held from 15 July to 31 July 2011 at different parts of Singapore to showcase Singapore Heritage.

I went to Parkway Parade to visit their exhibition on Rites of Passage as I live near there. The exhibition on Rites of Passage will be from 25 July to 31 July 2011 at Basement 1 level of Parkway Parade. There will be special performances from 2-8pm on 30 July (Sat) and 1-7pm on 31 July (Sun) at Parkway Parade as well.

Details of Singapore Heritage Fest @ Parkway Parade

At Parkway Parade, Singapore Heritage Festival uncover the customs and traditions surrounding the rites of passage in Singapore, charting the journey of the birth of a child to the many milestones that dot his growing up into adulthood. Also, SHF weekend performances promise to delight as SHF bring you an array of music and dance from more than five ethnicities.

Highlights of Rites of Passage Exhibition @ Parkway Parade

News of a woman expecting a baby is always a beautiful moment. It’s a special milestone in the lives of two married people and those around them. It’s the beginning of months of joy, and a lifetime of adventures. The birth of a child also ushers in the start of a new generation. What, then, follows the birth of a child? Find out in this exhibit as we take a look at growing up in Singapore.

Pictures of the Exhibits

Interesting, isn’t it?

I love these batik!

White dress used for water baptism for the Catholics

Q: How I feel about coming to this exhibition?

It was a very enriching experience to know more about the cultures of the taboos and habits when woman is expecting the baby till the birth of a child and the growing up process of the child. Such as ear piercing for the girls, when the child takes its 1st holy communion (for the Catholics) and many interesting information.

So do come and visit the exhibition at Parkway Parade to learn more about the Rites of Passage from now till 31 July 2011!


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