Singapore Heritage Festival Finale @ Novena Square & Velocity at Novena

Singapore Heritage Festival

Singapore Heritage Festival

Hi Readers, I went to Singapore Heritage Festival Finale at Novena Square & Velocity at Novena on 30 July 2011. This event was organised by Singapore’s National Heritage Board for Singapore Heritage Festival 2011.

I did not expect that Novena Square was chosen as the finale of Singapore Heritage Fest but I know this place is quite near Balestier area ( yes it is very near by walking distance and has rich history as Sun Yat Sen went to Wan Qing Yuan at Balestier area) and Jalan Besar area (Yes, I am very sure as I even walked from Novena to City Square Mall by foot a few times and City Square Mall used to be part of the New World). It is more convenient for the organisers to conduct walking trails to these 2 areas.

Still can recognise those buildings/places?

Picture 1 – Should be easily to guess as the building still exist in Singapore. It is very near 1 of the MRT stations.

Picture 2 – name sounds familiar right? Heard there will be a MRT station near that place opening real soon…

Picture 3 – This building does not look familiar at all as it had been demolished. So can you guess what this building?

Picture 4 -This building was demolished too. But the name looks familiar right? Have you ever watch the movie based on this place in around Feb 2011? I watched that with my mother at National Museum then. It was 1 of the worlds in Singapore and now become part of a shopping centre but it is not City Square Mall.

Picture 5 – Sounds Familiar right? Now, It is one of the iconic landmarks in Singapore’s Orchard District. but looks different from the picture shown below.

Picture 6 – Somewhere in one of the gardens?

Picture 7 – Where is this place? Looks familiar for the dome building.

There’s also a line-up of performances & activities for people to take part in.

You can even take a photo with such background as well.

Still can play games too but in the 1960s/1970s type of games outside Velocity @ Novena. Tikam Tikam (guess the colour and make sure the colour you guess will point at the colour you have chosen), throwing hoops onto the glass bottles, use toy pistrols with corks to shoot the ping pong ball off the glass bottles and use a ball to slide through the nails obstacles to the specific holes.

Ferris wheel & small rider seat music playing machine. I really missed the days I played with that small rider machine…

Teacups & Teapot. Looks cool right?

Still had TV to watch on “What are your favourite family fun moments?” from accounts of many different people.

Singapore also have many interesting heritage trails such as Ang Mo Kio heritage trail (for the past races), Balestier Trail, Fort Canning spices trail and other interesting places.

Some examples of iconic landmarks were mentioned in the exhibition such as National Theatre, National Stadium (has been torn down and they are currently building the new Sports Hub right now), and Capitol Theatre and Van Kleef aquarium.

Some traditional games were on the exhibit as well.

As well as history of Orchard Road. Cant you see there’s quite a lot of different between Orchard Road in the 1960-70s and the Orchard Road now?

As well as Celebrations in 4 different celebrations namely Chinese New Year, Christmas, Deepavali and Hari Raya Pausa.

There were live performances from 29 july -31 July showcasing the different cultures and heritage in Singapore. Here’s the programme line-up.

Looks exciting right? Haha. You can visit for more details on the happenings.

Do appreciate our rich heritage as it is unique and irreplaceable.

After viewing these exhibitions, I do not think that Singapore is a boring place but Singapore is quite a fun place to explore. Don’t you think so?

It also made me reflect to appreciate the beauty of the buildings which reflects the rich culture of Singapore’s past history. Such as areas in Joo Chiat (rich Peranakan culture), parts of River Valley area, Chinatown (chinese buildings), Little India, Kampong Glam and so on.

Just to end off with my post with Walter the rabbit. So Cute right? Haha.

Hello Walter, good to see you again. If you wish to visit walter, you can go to Singapore Arts Musuem to see it too.

Cannot wait for next year’s heritage fest event! =)


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