Movie Review: Rise of the Planet of The Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

My friend had invited me to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes on 2 August 2011 at the Cathay. This movie is about how this chimpanzee called Caesar came about and lead a revolt. James Franco, Frieda Pinto (the Indian lady from Slumdog millionaire movie), Brian Cox and Tom Felton (the Harry Potter bad guy called Draco Malfoy) acted in this movie.

Caesar’s mother was a experiment (with AZ112 into her body) in Caesar’s Guardian’s lab and died. Caesar’s guardian, Will Rodham (acted by James Franco) was a scientist who was trying to find a cure to treat Alzheimer’s disease as Will’s father has Alzheimer’s disease. Will adopted baby Caesar after his mother died.

The experiment has resulted that Caesar’s mother passed down that gene with AZ112 to Caesar and Caesar was much intelligent than expected. So Will used AZ112 to inject into his father and his father’s condition looked better.

After a few years, Will’s father’s condition turned worse as his body reacted to AZ112. Will and his research team had created a new virus called AZ113 and something had gone wrong then. Franklin somehow breathe in AZ113 virus and had some problems & died eventually.

As Will’s father condition was getting bad and Caesar charged out to save him, Caesar was sent to a place where all the primates were kept in. Brian Cox acted as the person-in-charge of the place and Tom Felton acted as his son, who brutally abuses the primates.

With all the happenings, Caesar uses his intelligence to find a way to escape & lead a revolt against the humans. He sneaked home to get the AZ112 and spread the gas to the rest of the primates in the place and soon the primates were smarter than before.

The primates escaped from the place & headed to the zoo, Will’s workplaces, the Golden Gate at San Francisco to the Redwoods. They met some obstacles along the way but with their new found intelligences and Caesar’s lead, most of them were able to handle the cops & those who wanted to attack them and they managed to reach the place where Caesar wanted to live in – The Redwoods.

The story ends off with Will’s neighbour with nose bleed while walking in the airport grounds. He most probably caught the virus from Franklin. And most probably heading to New York. This story will most probably continue from there…

Do catch this movie if you are interested to find out about this movie.

I will give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5 as it has good visual effects, good plot & the chemistry between Will & Caesar’s great.


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