Singapore Heritage Festival: Hilly Happenings @ Fort Canning (23 July 2011)

Singapore Heritage Festival

Singapore Heritage Festival

Hi Readers, I went to Singapore Heritage Festival: Hilly Happenings at Fort Canning on 23 July 2011 – Home Brewed! part II concert. This event was held in conjunction with, Central Singapore and Singapore’s National Heritage Board as part of the Orange Ribbon celebrations & Singapore Heritage Festival 2011.

Orange Ribbon is to celebrate Racial Harmony in Singapore. Racial Harmony day is on 21 July every year as it was to commemorate 1964 racial riot on 21 July. Thus, 23 July 2011 concert was more on different cultures, generations (younger and older generations) & songs of 4 different languages (English, Malay, Chinese & Tamil) were sung during the concert.

I did not wear much orange stuff along except my orange watch.

My orange watch

Hello, Walter! Good to see you here at Fort Canning Park.

The concert was hosted by Nicholas Ng and Soo Wei. Singers such as Sylvia Ratonel, Nathan Hartono, Cheryl Wee (the daughter of Jean Yip), Sleeq, Maggie Teng (邓妙华), Matilda da Silva, Raffee and the Vasantham Boys, Inch Chua, Ling Kai, Thambi K Seaow and end off with Tania, one of the most respected pub bands in Singapore with special guests such as John Molina, Jatt Ali and Jeff Catz.

This was the place where most of us were sitting while watching the live concert.

I also had an exclusive photo shoot with one of the Singaporean singer – Inch Chua as I won an invite from Singapore Heritage Fest – Meet the stars contest. I love her songs & her voice after I heard her singing during NEA event at Timbre in June 2011.

This concert event was graced by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Acting Minister of MCYS.

I also had an opportunity to make a simple patch work for the Quilt for this event. So I went & make 1.

Can you guess which is the one that I had created? (hint: the shape are the same for my design)

1st up: Sylvia Ratonel & Nathan Hartono singing a duet. Heard both of them are involved in NDP. See how good their coordination in the way they dressed. Nathan is serving NS in Singapore now and had performed in previous years NDP events. Sylvia will be singing NDP theme song 2011 – In a heartbeat for this year’s National Day Parade. Both are born & grown up in Singapore.

After that, Sylvia sang “Mercy”. I remembered she did sang that song during Singapore Idol.

Next up, it was Sleeq singing 1 of the song from Nasial. ANd then Cheryl Wee (the daughter of Jean Yip and niece of Ye Pei Fen 叶佩芬/Dawn Yip) singing Dick Lee’s “Life story” song. And then both Sleeq & Cheryl singing Rasa Sayang. Rasa Sayang is one of my favourite Malay song with a cheerful tone.

Still remember this lady? She’s none other than Matilda da Silva from Singapore Idol 2. She was singing a Kollywood song. I did not expect her to perform for this event but it was quite interesting to listen to her Kollywood song as I never hear a Kollywood song before.

Still remember this favorite singer from Singapore? She was quite popular in Taiwan and not many singers from Singapore in the 1980s could get famous in Taiwan. She used to sing quite a number of the theme songs for a few dramas. Such as Holland V(with her 2 other sisters), Bukit Ho Swee, The flying fish). If you guess it correctly, she is none other than Maggie Teng, 邓妙华.

Of course, she came all the way from Malaysia, just to perform 3 numbers (one of the song is 牵引 Qian Yin) for this event. It was very tiring to travel far especially when she was busy filming her drama in Malaysia She could speak english quite well.

Next up, it was Raffee & the Vasantham boys. Raffee sang the songs in Tamil. But the music instruments used for playing the songs were slightly different. Beside electric guitar and drums, there was chinese er hu used. Er Hu is normally used for playing chinese tunes and I was quite surprised that Er Hu can be used for playing Tamil songs in this case. The tune sounded great, blended beautifully & unique & I liked it very much.

Next up, the famous Youtube singers…

Yes, they are Inch Chua & Ling Kai. Both Inch Chua and Ling Kai sang 2 numbers each. Inch Chua sang 2 of her original numbers. I know Inch will upload her songs that she sings on Youtube and shares with everybody.

Ling Kai sang 1 acoustic cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and her own song called Growing old. Ling Kai got famous after her accident as she posted her videos on Youtube while recovering from her injury.

So do visit their youtube page for more updates of their songs. You can visit for Inch Chua’s updates.

Next up, it was Thambi K Seaow. I know Thambi is a Tamil word for Younger brother as my mum had told me about while she was watching Commonwealth Games 2010. K Seaow is a hokkien word for Crazy. They performed 2 of their songs which one of them was edited version of Mas Selamat & an english-tamil song.

Next was performances by Tania – One of the most respected pub bands. They sang a few numbers.

John Molina singing Shadow of the Day. There was some technical glitch during his performance but with his professionalism, he still continue performing for all of us while people were fixing with the technical glitch.

Jatt Ali

Jeff Catz

And finale performance by most of the singers who performed in the concert.

Do support our local singers, k? Don’t you think they put up a great performance on 23 July 2011? They do sing well.

I love fireworks. So surprised to have fireworks at the end of the concert. haha.

For more information on Singapore Heritage fest, visit !

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Thank you for reading!


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