Advertorial: -Your Fashion Social Network Your Personal Online Closet & a Fashion Social Network.

You can choose to organise pictures of your fashion items

Share your shopping finds & fashion desires

Find people with similar tastes & style

Win designer fashion & shopping sprees

As well as the latest fashion updates, trends & styles too on!


Besides that, anyone can join for free!

There are a few sections that you can explore on such as Explore, community, looks, my closet, bazaar, shoppe and contest.

At the bazaar, you can shop for the items from other members or sell them. Is not it wonderful to have such a place to sell and buy unique items?

There are interesting contests for people to join and stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

Right now, they are having Clozette Couturier Contest. You can visit!prettyPhoto2[]/2/to vote for the contestants & 1 lucky voter can stand a chance to win This Coach Poppy Groovy bag. Voting ends on 31 Aug 2011.

I was invited to Clozette event on 30 July 2011 and got to know more about from this event.

Look at all these accessories. They are made by Singapore local designers. Aren’t they look nice and great?

Me trying out 1 of the accessories.

Some of us got to try out the clothes and accessories during the event itself as well as photo shoot to take photos of their chic style with their choice of clothes, shoes and accessories and they all look great. You can see those photos on Looks section of

Great refreshments served for the event too.


So why not you visit and join as a member and find unique ideas and items to showcase your fashion style and trends as part of your fashion social network? Not just the clothes you wear, it can be accessories, watches, earrings, sunglasses, shoes and share and improve your fashion style.

There will be more updates and additions to too!  Join now! =)


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