Do you wish you had more money or time?

For this week postaweek 2011 post, it will be out slightly earlier as I will be busy from 24-28 aug 2011 due to my busy schedule.

As you can see, I wish I had more time. People know that TIME is money. If I have more time, I can do more things in my life. Of course, more time to update my blog with interesting post. More time to read up interesting news and information. More time to see the world. More time to watch TV and play games. More time to sleep and rest. as I agreed that 24hours/day is too short.

I do work and some part-time studying and upgrading myself with information. It is not easy as sometimes I am out of my house from 7am to 11pm (sometimes can be slightly later). Not enough time to sleep at this rate if goes on.

Money can be earn at anytime. I can be thrifty and not to splurge too much on unnecessary items if possible. Money is for spending and I do not need expensive items. But without sufficient time or more time, it may be more tiring as we have so many things to do in our life.

How about you? Do you wish you had more money or time?


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