Post a Week: Write a top ten list of your favorite songs

Well, it would not be easy for me to write on this topic as I really have too many favourite songs in a few different languages!!!! (Am I sure? Why different languages?) I do listen to english, chinese, japanese, and korean songs. Rarely listen to Spanish, cantonese, hokkien, malay, tamil, italian and french songs. It is good to know some languages and listen to their songs and culture.

Of course, for this blog post, it will be too difficult to write my top ten list of my favourite songs as I have to judge according to the melody, lyrics and the singer’s voice and popularity of the songs. Of course, it may not be fully monolingual for my top ten list.

Here we go for 허’s top 10 list of my favourite song.

1. Katy Perry’s Fireworks…. Boom boom boom Brighter than the moon moon moon.  The melody, the lyrics are great and beautifully written and I love this song very much.

2. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Of course, Lady Gaga’s quite popular and her song “Born This Way” is considered my top 10 list of my favourite song as her lyrics reflects for we are born this way (in terms of what we look like) and do appreciate how you are born this way for your look and I hope people do not go to such a resort of going through plastic surgery to change the way you look like.

3. Bruno Mar’s “Just the Way You Are” is considered 1 of my 10 ten list of my favourite song. I just want to dedicate this song to my sister as I prefer that just the way she is to me and the melody is really great. Piano. I hope I have the time to practise it on a keyboard and play out the song to her besides Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

4. Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day“. Sometimes, it is good to have some mixture of newer and older hits in my top 10 list. Every1 surely will have their own highs and lows. So do I. Bad Day’s lyrics reflects the life of a person when they have bad days. The melody of the song is great too. Good to sing along too.

5. Taiwanese Girl Group – S.H.E (Selina, Hebe and Ella) – Tropical Rainforest (Re Dai Yu Lin). So shocking that I have included chinese songs as 1 of my top 10 favourite song. As what i have mentioned. I do listen to many songs in some languages. and this is one of my favourite Chinese songs from the 3 ladies. I am also their fan too. Hope Selina will recover soon and the group will release their next album soon.

6. Jay Chou’s Cowboy’s very busy (Niu Zai Heng Mang). I chose this song amongst the rest of the Jay Chou’s (Zhou Jie Lun) song as this song’s melody differs from the rest of them. Sounded quite cheery and happy. Quite creative, is not he? Of course, I do like the lyrics of the song too as I can be busy at times.

7. May Day’s Jue Jiang (倔強 – Stubborn). This is 1 of my favorite songs from Taiwanese Band. The melody is great and the lyrics is quite good. Ah Shin is a great lyricist as I read on the papers that he read quite a lot of chinese novels to have some inspiration to write out the lyrics of the chinese songs. Quite talented as he could sing very well too and play with music.

8. Boa’s Every Heart. It is a Japanese Song. Yes, I choose to include Japanese song in the list as I do listen to Japanese songs and this is 1 of my more favourite Japanese song from her. Very sweet song and I read the kanji (Chinese characters) form of the song and English translation to understand the meaning of this song. It was also used as ending song for Inuyasha (Dog Demon ), a Japanese Animated series.

9. Boa’s Atlantis Princess . It is a Korean song. I heard there’s a chinese version to this song too. Although I do not understand Korean, But I do understand a bit from what I heard of (I do read the english translation of the song). I like this song as it gives a special feeling on lost memories as time passes.

10. Westlife’s Fool Again. Quite a nice song to listen to. I used to listen to their songs quite often during my school days and their songs are great. Upbeat and mixture of great ballads in their albums.

Of course, There are so many songs that I wanted to include on my list such as Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, Alan Luo’s Self Hypnosis, Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Telephone, Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston’s eenie meenie, I’ll be back (from a Korean’s boy band), Wonder Girls’ Nobody, World of our ownby Westlife, Shinee’s Lucifer and many more. But I only can list the top 10 which I like the most.

How about you? What is your top 10 list of your favorite song?


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