Product Review: Shills Clarifying Toner

Thank you Beauty Bistro for letting me trying out Shills Clarifying Toner.

Shills Clarifying Toner has a great pleasant smell. However I must shake the toner before I dip my cotton wool with it. This is because I must make sure the precipitate is well mixed with the solution as it is to activate the astringing molecules.  If not, there will be too many white particles at the bottom of the bottle and not able to achieve the effect.

After using Shills Clarifying Toner for a period of time 2x daily, my face feels refresh and clean (as I do have oily skin) as it helps to clarify the pores by refining the pores and removing dead skins cells. It does not cause my skin to have any redness after usage. And lesser blackheads too and slightly smaller pore size.

Before using Shills Clarifying Toner

After usage of Shills Clarifying toner

My pores looked slightly smaller after using Shills Clarifying toner. I will continue to use this great product.

If you are interested to buy Shills Clarifying toner or any other Shills products, you can visit any Sasa stores in Singapore or go to today!


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