Movie Review: Love in Space 《全球热恋》

Thank you F*** Mag for the wonderful invitation to Love in Space 《全球热恋》 at the Cathay on 6 September 2011. It is such a nice movie to watch as it is so comical that made people laugh.

Featuring a star-studded cast which includes Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Rene Liu (刘若英), Eason Chan(陈奕迅), Angelababy, Gwei Lun Mei (桂纶镁), Jing Boran (井柏然), as well as award-winning seasoned actress 徐帆 (Xu Fan), the movie is an ensemble romantic comedy that follows a mother and her three grown daughters as they juggle their assorted love lives. Each woman is successful in everything except love — until they unexpectedly encounter new romances in Beijing, Sydney and even on the moon! All the 3 daughters are named after flowers.

The movie started with Rose Huang (acted by Rene Liu), the eldest daughter of the Huang Family. She works as an astronaut with her colleague, Michael (acted by Aaron Kwok). They used to be lovers but broke up due to some misunderstanding between the both of them. As time passes by, they managed to clear the misunderstanding. They also met some incidents in space which force them to reveal their true feelings with each other as well as talking during sleep. 

Lily Huang Yu Lian (acted by Gwei Lun Mei), the 2nd daughter of the Huang Family, is very particular in cleanliness (she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) as she spent most of her time cleaning her things, her room, her cutlery after her boyfriend broke up with her years ago and seeing a shrink at Sydney. 1 day she met Johnny (acted by Eason Chan) in a restaurant and had a short chat with him and after hearing that Johnny is a garbage man, she refused to shake her hands with him.

They met again after they listened to DJ announcement of dressing up as a cupid to win some cash and a pair of concert tickets. Johnny wanted the concert tickets while Lily wanted the cash as she is jobless. After that, they get along quite well and fell in love with each other and Lily managed to overcome her fear of being dirty with Johnny’s encouragement. But with some misunderstanding between Johnny and Lily, Lily decided to go back home and Johnny decided to clear the air.

Peony Huang Mu Dan 黄牡丹  (acted by Angelababy), the youngest daughter of the Huang family. She works as an actress. After getting the worst actress award, she felt very sad and decided to work as a waitress to get the experience as well as preparation of her next role in her next movie. During the interview, she met Wen Feng 闻风(acted by Jing Boran), who aspires to be a writer but decided to work as a waiter to earn money for a living as his works were rejected. Both were chosen to work as waiters in the same company. As they spent more time with each other, they mutually get attracted to each other and Wen Feng offered Peony a ride ‘home’ with his watermelon cart after work. He even treated Peony with his watermelons and did carvings on his watermelon.

1 day, Peony’s manager informed Peony that the movie production has decided to start earlier than expected and Peony had to leave her waitress job. Wen Feng missed her very much after that. A few days later, Peony met Wen Feng and passed him a phone and told him to listen to the whole thing in the phone, which he didnt. When Wen Feng worked as an extra in Peony’s movie, he was so mad with Peony then until when his friend told him that  he heard the contents of the whole entire conversation and told him to listen to that conversation and rush back to tell her how he feels.

I will give this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. Great romantic comedy for everyone to catch. Be expected to listen to some cantonese and english conversation too and see how the characters fell in love with each other.

Movie is out now in Singapore from 8 Sept 2011 onwards.

Here’s the trailer of the movie 《全球热恋》. Do catch this romantic movie which was produced by the same producers of 全城热恋热辣辣 (Hot Summer Days).

As well as the theme song of this movie which is sung by 6 main characters of this movie.


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