Goodbye Borders Singapore!

Borders Singapore at Parkway Parade

Yesterday was the last day of operation at Borders Singapore at Parkway Parade. I went directly to Parkway Parade straight after work just to take picture of the shop as this was the last remaining Borders Singapore shop left after the closure of Borders at Wheelock Place.

Although I live near Parkway Parade, however, I did not visit Borders bookstore that often until the recent news that Borders plans to close down its Singapore branches. People started to visit Borders to get great deals and cheaper books. Me too. I bought a few books at Borders Parkway branch at a great discounted rate. Some even took baskets from the stores too.

Felt sad that Borders Singapore will be gone. Not much bookstores will welcome people to read the books without buying them.

It was a rare opportunity for me to witness all the Borders Singapore staff saying thank you and good bye yesterday night at Parkway Parade branch as well as sadness as I won’t see Borders near my home anymore.

This will remain as part of my memories. 26 Sept 2011 – Last day of Borders Singapore at Parkway Parade –  It’s time to say goodbye!


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