Korean Drama: Brilliant Legacy 燦爛的遺產 ( 찬란한 유산 – Chanranhan Yusan)


Brilliant Legacy (燦爛的遺產 Can Lan de Yi Chan, 찬란한 유산 Chanranhan Yusan) also known as Shining Inheritance, is one of my favourite Korean dramas that I have even seen (The other Korean drama that I like is  New Heart).

Brilliant Legacy stars with Han Hyo Joo 韓孝珠 as Go Eun Sung 高恩星, Lee Seung Gi 李昇基 as Sun-Woo Hwan 鮮于煥, Bae Soo Bin 裴秀彬 as Park Jun Se 朴駿世 and Moon Chae Won 文彩元 as Yoo Seung Mi 柳承美 – the 4 main leads of the drama.

The plot of the story focuses on how the will has changed the reaction of the Sun-Woo family and the bonding between Sun-Woo Hwan’s grandmother, Jang Suk Ja together with Go Eun Sung and Sun-Woo Hwan, Go Eun Sung’s brother with Sun-Woo Hwan as well as interesting moments that will make people laugh such as Sun-Woo Hwan’s mother, Oh Young Ran, was teasing the butler of the Sun-Woo family over the butler’s love matters.

Of course, I love the chemistry between Grandma and Hwan, Grandma and Eun Sung, as well as Hwan with Eun Sung and Eun Woo (Eun Sung’s younger brother). Good chemistry makes this drama a good success.

Singapore’s Channel U has just ended its run today and I missed a few of the episodes. Hope to watch the whole drama series again when I am free. Do catch it if you are interested to watch it! =)

Heard this drama has quite high ratings in Korea and won quite a number of awards and best couple award as well including 1 from Shanghai.

Of course, I hope to see more and more interesting and good Korean Dramas in the future. Gamsahamnida감사합니다 for the good work.


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