Movie Review: Dolphin Tale

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Have you watch this movie – Dolphin Tale? It is one of the nice and most inspiring movie that I watched. I cried while watching this movie. I do love dolphins. It is funny in some ways (especially the kingfisher part) and quite touching at times especially the moment between Kyle, Saywer’s cousin trying to touch Winter and how the kids organised an event to save Winter.

It is about real-life story about Winter the Dolphin. Of course, Winter acted as herself in the movie. She was trapped on the crab trap & lost her tail. A dolphin without a tail – means it cannot swim and may die. But Winter has a strong willpower and managed to swim without a tail. However, this action causes more problems to her body and help is needed to create a suitable prosthetic for Winter to swim properly. It was not easy to create artificial tail for a dolphin.

Meanwhile, Saywer got to know about Dr McCarthy through his cousin, Kyle and Dr McCarthy promised to create a suitable artificial tail for Winter as he is a specialist in creating artificial limbs for the humans.

While saving Winter, Clearwater Medical Centre did had some problems as funds were running low. Watch this movie to find out how Saywer and other characters figure out a way to save Winter.

I will give this film a 5 out of 5 stars. Suitable for everybody to watch. Do not give up if you are facing problems and difficulties. Think of how Winter overcome her problem of her missing tail and her will to live on. And thank you for the people who created artificial tail/(s) for Winter.

To know more about the movie and download wallpapers and icons, please visit

Do visit to know more about Winter the dolphin and Clearwater Medical Centre at Florida, USA!



One thought on “Movie Review: Dolphin Tale

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