Post a Week 2011: Does technology help you write?

I was busy thus this post came out later than usual.

Does technology help me write? Definitely. I can use technology to write my posts in English, and some other languages and Chinese characters using Han Yu Pin Yu.

Sometimes I may not know how to spell out some complicated words or words with difficult spelling, I can use technology to help me to check whether there is presence of spelling errors and correct it. Is not it great? Haha.

Yes, I can also include pictures on my blog easily and attached the related link to the website on without much hassle of using HTML to link the picture with the image and choose to put my picture with or without alighment by clicking than writing out html to adjust here and there.

On wordpress, I also can include image widgets by using html or put image html on the appearance without the hassle of finding the sidebar to write out the codes to adjust the widgets to appear on my blog itself.

For links, I can just type or copy some of the websites onto the links page than writing out html for people’s link as well as use insert link button on my text post to allow people to click on the short word to go to other websites, which is more convenient for readers and internet users.

Of course, I hope that technology will improve and able to allow me to make my blog a user-friendly blog for people to navigate and explore the functions while reading my blog.

Once again, thank you for reading my post. So does technology really help you to write?


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