McDonald’s Monopoly Promotion 2011

Have you taken part in McDonald’s Monopoly Promotion this year? Heard that all prizes must go! There’s a new addition to the promotion which is the chance tab and people can use it to claim the unclaimed prizes as well as $100 prizes. Besides that, there are quite a lot of attractive prizes to be won such as movie cards, flowrides at Sentosa Wavehouse, cash prizes, Denizen vouchers, instant prizes (including Mcdonald’s items).

Besides that, people will receive 2x the number of labels if they eat value meals on weekends.

Normally People will receive those on weekday (Mon to fri):

– 1 label for all the breakfast extra value meals & regular extra value meals
– 2 labels for upsized extra value meals

But during weekends and Public holidays:

– 2 X 1 labels (2 labels) for all the breakfast extra value meals & regular extra value meals & McValue Lunch

– 2X 2 labels (a total of 4 labels!) for all the upsized extra value meals and upsized McValue Lunch

Is not it attractive? Of course, I took part in this since 2009. I only won discounted coupon for Esso-Mobil as part of the instant win in 2009 and nothing for last year. But this year, this is the 1st time that I won items from McDonald’s. I won 2 cups premium roast coffee for instant win as well as 1 for 1 flowride at Sentosa Wavehouse.

Normally, I tend to buy an upsized McValue Lunch set on a weekend at McDonald’s. So that I can get 4 game tabs/meal.

This was 1 of the mcvalue lunch that I bought from McDonald’s.

Of course, the more game tabs collected, the higher chance to win some of the attractive prizes. Of course, I hope to win $100 movie cards from WE as I like to watch movies. haha (but I am short of 1 more tab to win).

Mcdonald’s Monopoly promotion is still on and I wish every one good luck to win the prizes they like. Good luck!


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