My trip to United Square on 6 Nov 2011

Long time never visit United Square as I used to frequent there. United Square is a shopping mall near Novena area. I took 2 buses to reach there as I transfered bus at Little India Mrt area to come here. Did not expect Christmas trees decoration then.

I rarely go to United square unless there is an event or I need to something there.

Of course, I went to United Square to utilise my Ben & Jerry’s voucher that day as it was expiring on that day.

Look at what I bought from there….

Double Scoops ( Chunky Monkey & Toffee-Do-Crunch) on Belgian Waffles with Almond nuts and Caramel sauce. I paid $4.90 after using the $10 voucher. I tried Chunky Monkey ice cream before and I liked it very much. This was my 1st time trying out Toffee-Do-Crunch ice cream. Quite nice and sweet with toffee crunch. Chunky Monkey was great too. I could taste the walnuts and chocolate in the banana ice cream. The ambience was great & I really enjoyed eating ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s and made me feel happy.

After that, I visited Central Singapore Clean & Green Carnival Event at Basement 1 of United Square.

I tried out the games there and learn some new knowledge on how to keep the environment clean and green. I did not expect that people could even develop games such as a fighter using knife to fight to kill the mosquitoes.

There were singing performances (from NEA eco music challenge 1 & 2 finalists) and other people and other activities for people to take place in like pledging (for environment causes), making handicrafts. I also got to know that there’s an organisation called which rewards people for recycling their items with them too. Quite interesting.

Of course, there will be other Clean & Green Carnivals coming out soon at different areas of Singapore (Eastpoint mall on 12 & 13 Nov 2011, Singapore Science Centre on 19 Nov 2011 and Hardcourt at Sengkang Community centre on 26 & 27 Nov 2011). Feel free to join the event at your own convenience.


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