NEA Eco Music Challenge 2: CD’s out now!

NEA Eco Music Challenge 2 CD’s out now! Want to listen to the song tracks in this CD? Feel free to visit this website @ and listen to all the songs in this CD.

A total of 15 tracks is found on this CD ( This includes all 13 Finalists of NEA Eco Music Challenge 2 songs + 2 bonus tracks –  Young Musician award winner Toh Yi Fan’s rap song called Clean and Green  and Shawn Tok’s song called  拯救世界, which is also the song for his drama “Stranded”《荒岛冒险记》)

A total of 3.5 Chinese songs & 11.5 English songs are found on this CD. Besides Toh Yi Fan’s Clean and Green and Shawn Tok’s 拯救世界, it also features songs such as the Clean & Green Singapore 2012 Theme Song “World Without Fences” from Lee Feng Heng, Love for planet Earth (Reflection of an Astronaut) from Julian Kwok, a hybrid bilingual Chinese & English song called 早安你好! from 早安 which was featured on Channel 8’s 早安你好 and many more.

Here’s the commercial featuring the theme song – World Without Fences

Want to find out more about the song reviews of the 13 finalists from NEA Eco Music Challenge Season 2 as well as Toh Yi Fan’s Clean and Green Rap song and Shawn Tok’s 拯救世界? You can Click the picture below. Or visit my blog post on NEA Eco Music Challenge Season 2 Finale event @ Orchard Central

I have listened all the songs in this CD and it’s great. While listening to all the songs, I could feel how much hardwork the finalists, Toh Yi Fan and Shawn Tok had put in to write out songs on environment. It is not easy to write songs.

I do quite like Shawn Tok’s song 拯救世界, Lee Feng Heng’s World Without Fences and Julian Kwok’s Love for the Planet Earth. Nice lyrics and tune, great music and it’s about the environment which I like very much. I will give a 4 out of 5 stars for the great music in the CD.

If you are interested to get those songs, you can purchase the album @ $9.90 or $0.99/song online @ or go to NEA Customer Service Centre at Environment Building at Scotts Road (near Newton MRT area).

All proceeds of the sale of the songs & album will go to Nature Society Singapore to support the appreciation of our unique bio-diversity at Semakau Landfill.


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