Let’s Be Positive about People Living with HIV

This picture was taken on Logos Hope on 29 Dec 2011, the day before the ship departed from Singapore. There were volunteers trying to promote education in HIV awareness.

Do Visit www.facebook.com/Bepositive & be part of their voice today! All of us can make a difference, don’t you think so?


Visit to Golden Village Katong – 14 Dec 2011

Sorry for my late post for the visit to Golden Village Katong open house. It was my 1st visit to Golden Village Katong open house as people can get to choose to watch 4 of the selected movies that would be featured during the open house.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s I Don’t Know How She Does It, Donnie Yen’s Wu Xia, Li Bing Bing and Jun Ji Hyun’s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Spy Kids 4 were shown during the Open House.

I watched Donnie Yen’s Wu Xia as I rushed all the way home from my workplace then to catch this movie and I had no time to watch other movies then and this movie timing suit my schedule.

The feeling of entering the new cinema near home was pretty cool. Great ambience and comfy seats. Furthermore, it was free seating.

However, this movie Wu Xia has quite a lot of violent scenes (from the title of the movie, I knew it) but still okay.

The interior decor is indeed with Peranakan style as Katong is filled with Peranakan colors and reminds me of the rich Baba and Nyonya culture in the area. Haha.

So if you like to watch movie and live near Katong area, do come by to Golden Village Katong today.

Golden Village Katong is located at 112 Katong.

Buses 10, 12, 14, 32, 40 and 16 reach near 112 Katong. Or you can consider to take free shuttle bus from Paya Lebar to 112 Katong or Bayshore area or Meyer Road area to 112 Katong.

Or you can take 15, 31, 36, 43, 48, 76, 135, 196, 197, 853 (only on sundays and public hols) and 966 to Marine Parade Road near Parade and walk to 112 Katong.

Art & Faith – Get involved in M1 Fringe Festival!

Stand to win tickets to performances at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, which takes place from 15 – 26 February 2012, with the theme Art & Faith!

The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is an annual festival of theatre, dance, music, visual arts and mixed media created and presented by Singaporean and international artists.

Themed differently each year and organised and curated by The Necessary Stage, the Festival aims to bring the best of contemporary, cutting-edge and socially-engaged works to the Singapore audience. The Festival is set to be a creative centre, with a twin-purpose of innovation and discussion; a platform for meaningful and provocative art to engage our increasingly connected and complex world. Come 2012, the Festival will feature 17 works from 11 countries, dealing with the theme of Art & Faith. 

To participate in this campaign, just forward one of these messages via Twitter. The more messages sent, and the more contacts tagged in your messages, the higher your chance of winning tickets. 

To find out more about the Fringe, visit www.singaporefringe.com or our mobi-site at m.singaporefringe.com

Get involved today.

Movie Trailer: Dance Dance Dragon 龙众舞

Since the Year of the Dragon has arrived, I guess many people may be interested to watch this interesting movie 龙众舞. If  you understand mandarin and a bit of hokkien, you will understand the content of the movie and it will definitely make you laugh. It is out in Cinemas in Singapore.

Long Zhong Wu in Hokkien means Everything included. Same pronounciation as the chinese words 龙众舞. This film was produced by the team behind It’s the Great Great World大世界. I still can remember this 大世界 well as I watched that with my mum last year and it was very funny.

This movie stars with Adrian Pang, Kym Ng, Dennis Chew as Auntie Lucy, Bryan Wong, Chen Hui Hui, Malaysian actress Lai Meng and Malaysian actor Melvin Sia as well as other local actors and actresses such as Belinda Lee, Zheng Ge Ping, Patricia Mok, Marcus Chin and Ah Nan and etc. Don’t forget about the Magic Baby in this movie too.

Dance Dance Dragon龙众舞 tells the tale of old Mother Loong (Lai Ming) who has three children – Lucy (Dennis Chew), the recently dumped eldest daughter, Ah Mei, the tomboyish second daughter (Kym Ng) and her youngest son Ah Loong (Melvin Sia) who is married but is terrified of having children. Mother Loong wants a grandchild very much. She finally gets her wish when a baby boy magically turns up on their doorstep on the first day of the Year of the Dragon – and proceeds to bring both chaos and comedy to the household.

Here’s the trailer of 龙众舞:

Do catch this comedy film on cinemas and enjoy! I will give this 4 out of 5 stars.

River HongBao 2012 at Floating Platform at Marina Bay

River Hong Bao 2012 will be at Floating Platform at Marina Bay from 21 Jan to 29 Jan 2012. It will be open from 12pm to 11.30pm daily except 22 Jan 2012 (Chinese New Year Eve) where it will be closed at 1am. Free admission.

This year we will welcome the year of the Dragon. So do expect that there will be quite a number of Dragon-related decoration in this year’s River Hong Bao 2012. There are quite a number of booths selling panda soft toys, food, drinks, magazines and newspapers. I guess pandas soft toys are on sale as Singapore will be welcoming Kai Kai and Jia Jia (Pandas) real soon.

Map of the event for people to view and navigate.

Plenty of Fishes…..

Fu Lu Shou – 3 star (Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity)

One of the dragon decorations at River Hongbao 2012.

So many birds. Wow….

And bid goodbye to my good friend, rabbit tonight…

Of course, it will be better for people to view those exhibitions during the night time as the decoration will look more beautiful and nicer. Do come down to Floating Platform at Marina Bay for River Hong Bao 2012 in Singapore. 

You can take Circle Line MRT to Promenade or take buses 36, 56, 70M, 75, 77, 97, 106, 111, 133, 162M, 171, 195, 857 to there or walk to there. 

Do visit http://www.riverhongbao.sg for more details and updates on the event!

My railway track walking adventures part VI

Truss bridge near the Rail Mall

Welcome back to my railway track walking adventures part VI (6). This part of the journey will be from the Rail Mall till the 2nd crossing located near Bukit Panjang – Ten Mile Junction. Sorry for the lacking of updates as I was busy with other things.

This part of the journey started on another day at the Rail Mall as it was too late to trek all the way from Tanjong Pagar to Kranji area as it was 6.30pm and the sky was getting dark if chose to continue the journey then. The Rail Mall is a place where people can rest and makan (eat). It is located near Dairy farm and Salvation Army at Bukit Panjang area.

Wait a minute. Did I mentioned about Bukit Panjang? Yes,  it locates near the Rail Mall. There is a famous landmark there along the railway track. Its logo is blue and green in colour and every year this company is always the title sponsor of the Singapore Biggest Marathon event in Dec.

Sorry about the picture as it looks quite small from the picture taken while walking on the railway track. Yes, it is the Singapore 1st Standard Chartered bank at Bukit Panjang area. Opposite the bank is Salvation Army which people can donate their old stuff for sale to raise funds. You also do see quite a lot of construction as LTA is building Downtown line along this part of the railway track.

See those construction items along the railway track. As you notice along the railway track in this area, the roads were built along/very near the railway tracks compared to the southern part of the KTM railway tracks in Singapore. There are also quite a number of schools along the Bukit Panjang/Upper Bukit Timah part of the railway track. Such as CHIJ Bukit Timah, Assumption English school, Fajar Secondary School.

Cashew Road, Chestnut Avenue, Hazel Park. As you notice some of the roads at this area are named after nuts. Haha.

Hmmm…. I wondered what this signal light along Cashew Road area indicates what? The sign shows a gate ahead and there’s a green & red light ahead. What does that means? Stopping/allowing the train to move …

There’s a black & white striped sign located near the Hillview camp site. What does that mean? I guessed it must be related to the sign with a gate.

I was wondering why there were bricks along the track then. I guessed there might be a tunnel or a hole below the track.

As I walked further to the north, I saw 1 station located near Gombak Drive and Bukit Panjang Link. This was 1 of the stations where staff had to give signal to the train to cross over the road safety using the gate to stop the vehicles (cars, trucks and bus 177 and etc) from going to /or of Gombak Drive.

Here’s crossing number 1 located along Gombak Drive. Haha. The gate was demolished when I visited there then. Now I guess the metal rails on this road are removed and become a normal looking road.

The dismantled gate.

The site where the gate poles were located at.

After passing the 1st crossing, I reached this building. I think that was an abandoned Bukit Panjang Station where people could alight from the station to their destination around Bukit Panjang area many years ago before it was closed due to low usage. There was not much furniture unlike the Bukit Timah Train Station. No roof top too.

But there was a small building nearby. I was not sure whether it was the washroom for the KTM staff who controlled the crossing gate nearby.

As I walked further to the north, I saw another similar sign to the 1st signal light. Another crossing ahead I guess.

2nd crossing approaching soon…

Reaching the end of the Upper Bukit Timah Road area…

So strange to see such a plot of land for gardening. But the crops had been removed.

Saw above ground rail line ahead. Guessed it is part of the Light Rapid Transport (LRT) in Bukit Panjang area.

Another small house near the 2nd crossing site.

Control station for the 2nd gate crossing.

Off to cross the 2nd crossing…

Shall stop my part VI (6) of my KTM railway track walking adventures here. Stay tune for more updates.

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Stay tune for more updates!

Sentosa Flowers 2012

Sentosa Flowers is back again. It will be from 22 January to 29 January 2012. This time round part of the Sentosa Flowers will be at the Jewel Box near Mount Faber and the Cable Car station as well as The year of the Dragon.

If you plan to go to the Jewel Box, you can take bus 409 or walk from Telok Blangah Rise (near Kampong Bahru Road) to there and view those exhibition there and make your way to Sentosa via Cable Car or the Marang Trail and take transport (walk via boardwalk or monorail or bus) to Sentosa Island.